Nature and Wildlife Tours in Central America

Cabo Pulmo National Park - Natural and Wildlife Tours in Central America

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Central America is a beautiful place that can provide you with ample places to explore and enjoy. It’s one of the best regions in the world to enjoy nature- both flora and fauna. However, the best way to go about it is to take nature and wildlife tours. The following are some of the best options that you can consider:


Top 5 Nature and Wildlife Tours in Central America

Here are the top 5 nature and wildlife tours in Central America that you simply cannot miss out on.

1. Sea and Sierra National Parks Adventure

A tour of the Sierra de la Laguna will allow you to travel into the heart of mother nature and explore some of the best hiking trails.

You can visit the Cabo Pulma National Park which is a beautiful marine park that also serves as an ideal model for species conservation. Plus, there is the capital of the Californias, i.e. La Paz where you can check out the historical sites of the place and also have a taste of the local cuisine.


2. Arenal Observatory and Hiking Tour from La Fortuna

There are plenty of interesting things to do in La Fortuna. One of them is taking an Arenal Observatory tour that allows you to explore the place from different angles.

Arenal Volcan in Costa Rica Central America

You can also take in a picturesque view of the volcano and the Arenal lake. Once your day is over, you can spend some time in a natural hot water river before you head back to your hotel to sleep fully relaxed.


3. An Unforgettable Trip to Cuba

Cuba is known for its stunning natural beauty and it can also be considered for one of the ultimate honeymoon trips ideas.

There are so many interesting things you can do here. For instance, you can visit the westernmost point in Cuba i.e. Maria la Gorda for diving, explore Vinales valley on horseback, bask in the breath-taking beaches at Cayo Coco. In fact, you will have no shortage of things to do here!


4. Costa Rica: The Ultimate Travel Destination

Costa Rica is a dream destination for many. The place is packed with a slew of excursions and some of the most diverse cultural experiences. In fact, it contains around 5% of the world’s entire biodiversity, a lot of which you can easily find in the Corcovado National Park.

Corcovado National Park - Wildlife and Nature Tour in Central America

You can take a wildlife tour in Costa Rica during which you can expect to see exotic animals like sloths, sea turtles, white-headed capuchins, birds, and other mammals. You will create memories that you can cherish all life.

Costa Rica is a fabulous destination to visit with kids. If you are traveling as a family, it will be handy for you to hop over and read our list of what to do in Costa Rica with kids.


5. Turtles & Rainforest Pacuare Reserve

Pacuare Reserve which is located a few miles south of Tortuguero offers a memorable jungle adventure and relaxation period during which you can enjoy river rafting, check out leatherback turtles and river canals.

You can also join biologists in the field, climb a massive kapok tree, and hike through the forests to learn about the culture and environment of the place.


Are You Ready for an Adventure?

Central America is replete with places to explore, adventures to engage in, and interesting people to be friends with.

Depending on your budget and time restrictions, you can pick any of the tours from above. However, all of them will help you create beautiful memories whether you go with friends, family, or alone. Have fun!

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