Most Attractive Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations for Students in 2021


Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations for Students - Nepal

Travelling brings a lot of benefits. When it really comes down to it, many of us wish that we could travel more. However, a repeating problem for many is that they don’t think they can afford a vacation.

On the contrary, there are plenty of budget-friendly travel destinations!

Today, we will take a look at some of the ones you should check out in 2021.

What do You Need to Know Before You Go?

Here are some things that you might find helpful when preparing for the trip:

Students Preparing for a Trip

For a college student, the allure of travel is exciting. At the same time, though, many are worried that they don’t have the time to travel due to their studies. Because of this heavy workload, it can be useful to look around at helpful tools online.

Affordable Travel Destinations for Students

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Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations for Students

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Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations for Students

Here are some of the most popular and budget-friendly travel destinations:


From classic horror literature fans to the average traveller looking to explore somewhere new, Romania is a place to visit when you’re travelling on a budget.

Romania is a beautiful place that is frequently forgotten as a place to spend a vacation. So, visitors can escape from the bustle and expense of other European tourist areas like London.

Here, tourists can explore small, medieval-style towns and even explore the famous region of Transylvania.


Turkey is also full of attractions that aren’t always explored by tourist. Kicking off 2021, Turkey’s currency has a lower value than many others.

Turkey Advice and Turkey Tips

This means that when a tourist converts their money, they’ll probably be surprised at how much they can afford during their stay.

There are a lot of varied experiences in Turkey too. Whether travellers want to experience a bit of history amongst Roman ruins, visit a stunning beach, or shop in a lively bazaar, there is an option available.


The state of affairs between Cuba and the United States is steadily improving. For many, this suggests that the time to go to Cuba is now.

After all, once the dust has settled between the two countries, the influx of tourists – and thus prices – will rise.

The main appeal of Cuba is obvious; it’s a beautiful island. Not only is it gorgeous on the beaches, tourists can also explore and experience nightlife in cities like Havana.


Thailand and Vietnam are well-known travel destinations. Yet, one place that is often looked in this region is the country of Laos located between these two locations.

Affordable Travel Destinations for Students - Laos

At one point, this country was known for the nightlife draw of the town Vang Vieng, particularly in the early 2010s.

Anymore, Laos is a great, sparsely populated place to go if you want to experience more outdoor escapades.

Laos has mountains that are perfect for a hiking or climbing trek, forests that can be explored via a zip line, and even chances for a hot air balloon ride. Even better, these encounters won’t cost an arm and a leg either.


Another option for more outdoorsy types in Nepal. It is one of the most budget-friendly options travellers have when they are looking for a mountain trek.

Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations for Students - Nepal

Along the way up these mountains – especially the more popular routes in the Himalayas – there are plenty of tea houses. These tea houses are places where you can grab some food or a few hours of sleep for very little.


There’s often a misconception about how attractive Mexico is as a travel destination. Despite what you might have heard, Mexico is a breathtaking country that doesn’t cost you your life savings.

One option is to take advantage of a holiday in Mexico and spend time on the beaches or take in the city life. To save the most money possible, you’ll probably want to avoid resort cities but don’t worry, there’s plenty to see outside of these.


Costa Rica is a popular destination for travellers but its fame comes with a high cost. To experience Central America at a more reasonable price, Guatemala is an excellent choice.

Much like the other countries we’ve looked at on this list, Guatemala offers more than a single draw. In the north, there are Mayan temples that preserve a piece of history.

Heading to the south, there is the lake of Atitlan surrounded by villages and volcanoes.

A charming attraction to check out is Semuc Champey. Here, you can visit candlelit caves with rivers and pools to swim in.

 Final Words:

Travelling is a great experience. It gives you a chance to see different cultures and explore new places and it doesn’t have to break the bank either.

With travel destinations like these, almost anybody can take the chance to try something new!

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