Lombok Accommodation: The Sensational Luxurious Jeeva Klui Resort, Senggigi

Best place to stay in Lombok - Jeeva Klui

Luxury on holidays!!  Why does the concept of luxury appeal to us so much?  What does a luxurious holiday look like to you?

Is it the comfy beds in the spacious, beautifully decorated rooms?  Is it the much-needed relaxation next to an amazing pool with a cocktail in your hand?  Or is it the service with a smile that makes you feel like all of the hard work that you put into your day jobs finally seems worth it?  Yes, yes and yes!  All of the above.

Sometimes it is hard to imagine yourself in a place like this, when you are working day in an day out, hanging out for that pay-check at the end of the week.  Funnily enough though, luxury is and always was within your grasp.  All you got to do is want it enough, and with a bit of research you can find luxury at a totally affordable price!

If you are craving a luxurious holiday, I give you Jeeva Klui Resort, Senggigi.  This is our favourite Lombok accommodation and the best of all Lombok family resorts!  So put down your research and don’t waste time no more.  Check out our story, take a look at our pictures and imagine yourself already there.

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Lombok Accommodation:

Checking in to the sensational Jeeva Klui Resort, Senggigi

Luxurious Lombok Accommodation at Jeeva Klui Resorts, Senggigi

The Jeeva Klui Resort Welcome:

Welcome to Jeeva Klui Lombok.  This is exactly what you want to hear when you arrive at your resort, a resort where your relaxation and satisfaction is their number one priority.

The staff of the resort is amazing! The friendliness and genuine care is something you will notice right from the start.  Everyone remembered our names all throughout our stay, which made our stay even more pleasant and so very personal.  Welcoming drink is provided to quench your thirst and a wet towel is given to wipe away the heat from from your brow.  The ease of check-in is flawless and soon you are escorted to your private villa.

Your host will take you on a little tour to familiarise you with the resort surroundings and will explain all the activities on offer.  Here at Jeeva Klui Senggigi, you will be looked after by people so nice that you will feel like you are part of a new family!  I dare to say, that you will probably be like us and will stay within the grounds of the resort for the whole stay.  It is so perfect here that you simply do not need anything else for few days.


Lombok Family Villas | The Beautiful Deluxe Pool Villas:

Deluxe Pool Villa… Do I really need to say anymore? Haha… Ok, ok…

There is nothing better than to have privacy when you are on holidays with your loved one or with your family.  Privacy and luxury, the perfection combination!  Plenty of space to breath, plenty of place to unwind, all within a calm, soul-soothing environment.

I am literally staring out the window, daydreaming about our time at Jeeva Klui.  What a wonderful resort.  Just need to build one of those villas for us back in Australia, so we can have one just like that.

    Villas in Lombok: Jeeva Klui Resortlombok family villas

Two stories of pure awesomeness and a descent sized private pool to enjoy a splash at!  You can rest up on your poolside beds and soak up some sun as your little ones run a muck in and out of the pool.  Enjoy a private meal served to your villa where you can dine on your outdoor dining table.  Yup, you don’t even need to leave your villa at all! Haha…

Indoors on the ground level, Katie and Lily had their own room with two super comfy King Single beds.  For entertainment they enjoyed a movie marathon on the massive flat screen TV.  The selection of DVDs for hire is extensive at the resort.  We really appreciated that they had everything downstairs!  Sometimes space between parents and kids is needed on holidays.  Haha…

Yes, there is a ensuite bathroom downstairs with two sinks and an outdoor shower and a stone bath as well.  There is really no need for kids to come upstairs and they can enjoy their privacy as well.

JeevaKlui Resort Lombok As to the parent’s room upstairs?  Yes, Absolutely loved it!  I think I stared at the ceiling a lot whilst relaxing on the comfiest King Size bed.  I loved the high ceilings and the lovely spacious room.  It’s like your brain can release your thoughts more freely and let the relaxation pour in.  We felt so relaxed here!  Best hotel in Lombok and the best villas in Lombok for sure!

Lombok Luxury HotelsThe master bedroom looks out onto the balcony.  Here you can enjoy an afternoon coffee whilst looking over the trees and at the same time look after your kids swimming in the pool.  The TV and DVD is up here too, so you can enjoy your own adult movie as well.  Of course the room has a ensuite bathroom with his and hers side, and a sizable shower.


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Did I mention that I want that house? Haha…

A Variety of Luxurious Leisure Facilities:

The Sensational Palm Tree Kissed Infinity Pool:

Talk about the favourite pool!  This is it!  There is nothing better than relaxation with a cocktail in an infinity pool.  Peaceful, blissful and awesome are just a few words I can use to describe my feeling here.  As you enjoy the surroundings and let your brain switch off to relax mode, your kids will find hours of fun splashing around in the shallows.  Perfect!

Best hotel in Lombok: Jeeva Klui Resort

Well, as you can see, some of us enjoyed, the wife and kids, enjoyed the perfect view from the perfect pool, whilst some of us, like me, had the job of looking after baby Avalee.  I pulled a short straw here I think.  Haha…  Not that I minded at all. Even though I was bouncing around and from side to side, I did enjoy the view as well.  Just look at where I am …  and nothing else matters, right?

Best place to stay in Lombok - Jeeva Klui

When we were at Jeeva Klui, there were at least four families that we befriended, all with young and small kids.  Talk about the luxury combined with a super family friendly resort and you get Jeeva Klui Lombok!

Quick tip; you can hire flippers and snorkels from the reception so your little ones can practice snorkelling in the pool before heading for the ocean to spot some coral.

Another favourite activity of ours?  Make sure to pop over to the poolside before the sunset.  Book your beach-side table for dinner and enjoy your pre-dinner drinks from the comfy poolside daybeds.  The sunsets are stunning here and you will regret missing out on them!


An Exclusive Adult-Only Pool Area:

Exclusive Adult-Only Pool, sounds good to me.  Quiet cocktail with your partner and no distraction from the little ones.  Swim or just chill out in Adults-Only pool and recharge your batteries for another day of doing nothing.  Haha…   Yes please!  Everyone needs a little time to yourself in an adult environment and with adult chats, right?

Don’t worry, the resort has a lovely babysitter that you can book to look after your kids for a while … and then you can unwind without stress of what the kids are doing.  Just relax, sounds good.  Damn straight it does!


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Private Beach Lombok:

We loved chilling out at the little pagoda right at the edge of the resort’s private beach.  You can lay there for hours.  All you need is a couple of towels and some sunscreen.  Drinks and food can be ordered to your beach-side lounger and all you have to do is choose from the extensive list of goodies on offer.  We indulged in some yummy cocktails and delicious pizzas for munchies.  Doesn’t get any lazier and better than that.Private Beach Lombok - Jeeva Klui No one complained here.  If the kids didn’t want to lay around like us, they had a choice of colourful rock collecting, swimming in the pool , playing volleyball, or simply using their tablets to play some games.  Everyone was so totally happy here!

Lily and I went for a walk to see what was happening down the beach and we said hello to a few friendly locals enjoying their family outings to the beach at the opposite end to us.  Also, we spotted some fisherman throwing nets to catch some fresh seafood.
Lombok Spa Resort - Jeeva Klui Resort

Spa, Massages and Beauty-Salon:

OK, so when you want to really relax and spend a couple of hours in total relaxation together with your other half, you can book into the luxurious resort spa!  Here you can indulge in a choice of amazing massages, or pamper yourself at the resort beauty salon.  Sounds good?


Through the stomach to the heart!  At least that saying is totally spot on for me.  Haha… It is always nice to go away on family holidays and to not have to cook at all.  Whether it is a breakfast of champions or a sunset dinner, it is always better with a view on the beach.  There is no place better to enjoy your delicacies than in the open air with the sound of crashing waves relaxing your senses.  All of that whilst the yummy food plays a symphony on your tongue.  Yup, I always wanted to be a writer, so this is my chance to play with my words, haha…  Breakfast at Jeeva Klui Senggigi

What can I say.  The restaurant at Jeeva Klui is amazing and the chef in this kitchen deserves some sort of award as well.  There is nothing that these guys didn’t have or couldn’t do.  Every craving satisfied and every wish realized.  For the lack of better description, all I can say is:  Me want to have more!  Haha…

Lombok Accommodation - Jeeva Klui SenggigiYou can choose to sit in underneath the majestic trees that line the beach side or you can get a table under cover.  Both choices are just fine.  All depends if you would like to be closer to the beach or not.

However, as I mentioned before, make sure to get a table beach-side for spectacular sunsets.  Be there a little earlier, so you can save yourself a seat.  This way you can try few cocktails if you wish and they are all yummy!sunset

Excursions & Activities:

Jeeva Klui Lombok has a wide variety of activities and excursions on offer.  You can check out the list right in your room or organise them at the reception with one of the friendly staff.  Choices here are plenty.

You can hire snorkel gear and flippers and venture out to the shallow waters of the private beach.  You can organise a cooking class to learn how to cook some of the traditional Indonesian dishes.  You can pick from sports gear and play volleyball or other games if you wish.  Or you can go on an day tours to explore Lombok past the resort walls.  This way you can get a taste of what Lombok is really about.  Check out various spectacular and world famous waterfalls, explore local villages and try some of the Indonesian cuisine at the small Warungs.

I am sure that some of the activities will grab your attention and you will love Lombok island just like we do!  Make sure to book your beach-side table for sunset dinner before you leave to explore.  Best way to finish off the day!


Stay at Jeeva Klui Resort if:

  • … you love luxury and total relaxation.
  • … you love privacy and class.
  • … you love the beach and infinity pools.
  • … you love palm trees and sunsets with cocktails.
  • … you love amazing 5 star food.
  • … you love to snorkel and explore.
  • … you really want to spend unforgettable moments with your loved one!

  –lombok family resorts: Jeeva Klui

Jeeva Klui is one of a kind!  This is one of the places that my mind will always remember as one of the favourites. It is definitely the favourite and the best place to stay in Lombok, by far!

There are only positive thoughts in my mind, beautiful memories and smiles on our faces.  The experience at this amazing resort was truly awesome and unforgettable.  All I can say, to finish off my post is;  click on the link below and book this one in!  Your amazing time awaits you!

The Booking Information:

Resort: Jeeva Klui Resort (4.5 Star Rating) 


  • Find more information on their website | Check Latest Prices | Read the Reviews on TripAdvisor
  • Costs of Rooms:  Rooms start from AUD $205 p/n or US $156 p/n – This includes a delicious and yummy buffet breakfast each morning as well as a complimentary afternoon tea.
  • Where: Jeeva Klui Resort is located in Senggigi West in Lombok.  The resort is located around 1.5 hours drive from the International Airport.
  • Suitable as: either a parent (couples)-escape or for a family stay.
  • This resort is highly recommended by us!  It is one of our favourites!

* We stayed at this resort as guests of Jeeva Klui Resorts.  All thoughts, opinions and experiences are our own.  We pride ourselves in delivering honest hotel reviews.

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