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Life Behind Travels Episode 2: The Day I Gave up my Job!


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I LOVE stability, but at the same time I get incredibly bored with routine!!  I love a job that challenges me mentally, but I loathe a job that challenges me to the point of exhaustion.  I don’t cope well with change but yet I love spontaneity and freedom.

[bctt tweet=”If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal! P. Coelho”]

The first step towards my happily ever after life, was to quit my job!  And this is the story about my journey of teaching, to not-teaching, to teaching again and now at last to making a change in life again.  One that will hopefully bring me to my dream of what life actually should be like!


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For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a teacher!  When I was little I used to line up my dolls, each had their own exersize book and I would teach them!  Which in essence meant that I did the work for them and then proceeded to mark it afterwards as well.  I seemed to have a natural drive to teach, to educate, to nurture.   It takes special kinds of people to work with a whole classroom full of kids, you will know if you are one of them!

How many of you have taught at one stage or another in your life?

So it comes as no surprise that upon finishing my schooling career, I proceeded to completing my degree in high school teaching.  I still remember the day when I got my first teaching job, all the way on the Sunshine Coast.  I knew that I had to relocate to start my journey of following one of my first dreams in life!

It was rather exciting and so I became a teacher!  And whilst I love so many aspects of teaching, I never ever expected the challenges to be so completely overwhelming!  The behaviour management, the juggling act, the trying to differentiate for different learning styles.  Never mind the red tape that seems to go along side every single thing you do!

I was a full time teacher back then and it was a truly exhausting and demanding experience.  So when I fell pregnant with my first child, Katie-Lee, the decision was made that after my maternity leave, I would not return to this career that I have always dreamt about.  It was time to let the dream go.  The dream and the reality did not match up for me!

As life does, it threw me a massive curve ball in 2009 when a series of events led to a pretty challenging, dramatic year for me.  A year which ended in separation from my ex-husband.  I found myself as a single mum with a 3 year old and a 6 week old baby!  Talk about challenging!  Back then I was working part time in a scrapbook shop, but it was casual employment and before long I realized that I needed a stable income, so I found myself back in the teaching industry.  A career I thought I would never return to!

I have been teaching part time for the last 5 years!  Even as a part time teacher, the toll it took upon me as a mother of my own kids was starting to wear thin on me!  I knew I had to make a change!  And I knew I had to make one soon!!  So I started studying counseling!  Such an interesting pathway to pursue and I truly loved so much of what I learnt.  But I was still struggling juggling life, and I was not happy!  Life was too busy, I was always exhausted and seemed to have way too little energy for those that were most important to me in life!

So bring on the last Friday in February this year!  A day that marked a new start for me!  My last day of teaching!!!  A day I thought would be incredibly joyous but actually ended up being pretty damn hard!

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I think one of the hardest things in life is to figure out what the hell actually truly makes you happy!

Are you truly happy working a 5 day week from 9 till 5?

Are you happy with the routine of work?

Having expectations of what you should be like at work?

Or is your job a situation like mine?

[bctt tweet=”Do what you have to do, until you can do what you want to do! – Oprah”]

I was so sick of doing what I HAD to do!  I am 36 years old, when in life can one start doing what you actually WANT to do!?


What is it that you TRULY want to do with your life?  If you could design it in a way that would make you happy, what would it look like?

So motions were set in place to follow newer dreams, dreams of a life that has better work/life balance.  Life that is filled with more freedom but mostly a life that focuses on MY OWN DREAMS!  So I did what I HAD to do until I had enough Long Service Leave up my sleeve at work to take a whole year off with leave at half pay!  And I gave up my job!

So what is the plan of action now?

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You know the funny thing is, because I don’t like change very much, my last day of work brought on a whole spout of anxiety and left me absolutely knackered and drained!  I was expecting to feel joy, to feel excited and to feel ‘free’, but yet I think I am still in recovery mode!  This is such a big step for me!

And it is a SCARY step!  I have left behind my love for security and stability for a dream that lies in the realms of ‘what if’ of ‘unknown’ and of ‘let’s crossed our fingers, work our butts off and hope for the best’.  Those of you who rely on blogging as an income, will know what I’m talking about!  Those of you that have ever started any sort of business of your own will know what I’m talking about.  Following your dreams are bloody damn hard and takes an insane amount of bravery!!

[bctt tweet=”Be Brave, Take Risks, Nothing can Substitute Experience!”]

So here is to my first scary step into the world of full-time blog-dom.  I am now proud to call myself a full time blogger!  And this was our first step to our design of our life as a happily ever after.  Part-time travelers, a focus on family and friends.  A life of adventure and one of freedom.  Being able to do what we want.  What is not too love about that!

Be BOLD enough to use YOUR voice,

BRAVE enough to listen to your HEART,

and STRONG enough to live the life you have always WANTED!



Over to you:  What dreams have you chased that required a load of bravery?

Do you have a job that you love?

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  • Reply
    June 16, 2016 at 5:54 am

    The best part of being a teacher in your case is that you can still use your degree anywhere in the world where a native-speaking English teacher is require (i.e. Thailand, China, Kuwait, Malaysia, South Korea, etc.) More power to you to not only find what you want to do with your life, but to also find a way to include your family in it, as well. Best wishes for a successful journey!

    • Reply
      Jolene Ejmont
      June 19, 2016 at 10:10 am

      Thank you Ray, and yes you are right! Teaching is a good job to have as you can use it worldwide or even use it to homeschool your kids if you choose. It is a tough journey having a blog, but we are enjoying the challenge 🙂

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