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Life Behind Travels Episode 3: How NOT to spend a layover day in Kuala Lumpur!


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Sometimes, during travels it’s not all peaches, not everything always get to work out according to plan. Sometimes things just go wrong and it could feel like the problems are snow-balling from one thing to another.  This day in our story, that day on our recent travels to Cambodia, was one of those type of days…


Sitting on the plane from Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast.

Last couple of weeks we have spent exploring various places in the Kingdom of Wonders, Cambodia. It has been a journey to remember, that’s for sure. Why?  It was the first family holiday to Asia.

We didn’t know what to expect of Cambodia. It was just the next country on our list to visit, so we packed our bags and off we went. It was a great trip with lots to see and lots to do. We will definitely write a lot of stories for you to read in the weeks to come, so please stay tuned to our blog. I’m sure you will be enticed to travel to this awesome country once you see the pictures and read about our adventures.

Wanderlust Storytellers

Today however, I would like to tell you about the last 48 hours! Haha.. yup, it was not fun at all!

Last two days we have spent with some sort of stomach bug. One by one falling like flies! All of us falling sick with stomach cramping, feeling nauseous, vomiting and more. It has not been fun at all.

When we arrived to Kuala Lumpur, Lily was already sick.  The night before we couldn’t sleep. The place we stayed in at Siem Reap had no aircon and the fan was prehistoric. It was working like a tractor, so we didn’t sleep. Lily started to feel uneasy on the way to the airport.


She vomited on the Siem Reap airport, right in the queue for luggage check-in! After a quick flight to KL, we were bound to wait 9 hours till our next flight. We had great plans to visit the caves on day trip, however Lily was still vomiting all the way through the airport, so we decided to book a room at one of the cheaper airport hotels, the Tune hotel. Here the plan was to rest up, get Lily better and keep going. Well, that was the plan. None of us expected the following.

Staying at the Tune Hotel

This hotel is in a pretty convenient location to stay in, as it is directly attached to the airport via Level 2. It’s only a short walk of about 3.5 minutes once you leave the airport doors. When we stayed here, the restaurant was closed and the only means of food and drink supplies were the small convenience store or the wast variety of fast food stores inside the Airport.

The hotel itself was clean and tidy. The rooms, however small, had a comfy bed, TV, fridge, shower, toilet and Wifi! No telephone in the room, so the only communication was through our phones and computer. We used both ways a lot I tell you!

People at the front desk were very helpful to attend to all our needs and there were many! The rules of the hotel are quite strict. Once you choose a room and pay for it, there is no possibility for upgrades! We arrived to the hotel lobby at 1PM (an hour before check-in), so we were charged 100MYR extra on top of our room rate. we thought that the One Double-Bed Room will be enough for us the chill out in for few hours, but we were wrong! We thought that Lily’s upset stomach would settle, but we were faced with more. The hell was just about to start!


The day from hell!

Lily is vomiting every 10 minutes, Katie is starting to feel sick and laying on the floor, my wife is trying to get a little sleep after the sleepless night and I am trying to stay awake holding a vomit bucket and toilet paper to wipe the spills. Yup! Welcome to our day..

After an hour of Lily being sick and not getting better with our medication that we purchased for the trip, I went down to the lobby to get a doctor. Thankfully there was a doctor available at the airport. It did cost us 250MYR for the callout fee and about 50MYR for initial medication for Lily. Watching the clock, we had about 5-6 hours to go till our 9PM flight home, so we thought that Lily would get better and we will be ok to fly. Wrong again!

After about 2 hours, we knew things are not about to change, so we decided to consult with our insurance company for help. We wanted to know if they can help to get us into a bigger room, sort out our medication and possibly change our flights till the next day.  Lily was getting worse by the minute and Katie started to follow suit.

Firstly I tried to call the insurance from the lobby, but was sent to make an international call from the Plaza Premium Lounge at the other side of the airport. The phone call even though Reverse Charge costs 16MYR per minute. I got through and spoke to the lady who assured me of help coming. She said they will sort out the hotel, help with medication and fix up the plane.  As I was at the airport, my wife was already in contact with the same lady via e-mail. She was was sorting out all the necessary information for the insurance, including Passport numbers, flight details, doctors letter of recommendation, bills for the medications, Fit to Fly forms and bunch of other things.

My second job was to chase up the luggage that was already put through to our Air Asia 9PM flight. I was sent from one place to another like a yo-yo. First I got on the phone with Air Asia help desk, calling from the lobby of our hotel. Lady told me they cannot change flights for us, because of the 24-48 hours cancellation period. She suggested for us to get online and purchase last minute tickets for the next morning flight at 10:10AM.  As to luggage, I went on a hunt to the Air Asia counter at the airport, who sent me to the arrival counter, who told me to come back at 10PM to collect the bags. Apparently, you can only get the luggage after the plane leaves.  When you do not board the plane,the bags are then unloaded and put on a carousel or into a gloomy room at the back (where no one is even looking after them!!). Anyways…


Third job, get some food for us and bring it back to the room. I scouted some pastries and some tea, so we didn’t upset our stomachs even more. So far we have been running on water and crackers. Yey!! While my wife was sorting more things for insurance companies and staring at the computer for what seemed like forever (room was dark, no light and curtains closed, so girls could rest as much as possible), I ran back to the clinic for more medication. This time I got meds for Katie, who was getting worse already with explosive vomiting. I think about 35MYR extra covered the cost.  Did I mention that the clinic is at the other end of the airport from the hotel? Yup!

Fourth job. While I was getting the things, Jolene was working hard at the computer communicating with our insurance company ‘Insure and Go'. Waiting for their replies was like agony. At first they wanted to send one of us and Katie on the 9PM flight, because Katie wasn’t as unwell as Lily. We off course replied NO!  Pregnant lady traveling alone with a sick child, really? Anyways…

Fifth job. After scoffing down on a pastry roll and sipping on getting colder tea, insurance company finally came through with covering for change of rooms for us. We did have to book and pay for a Two Bedroom one ourselves and lodge a claim back with the company. Apparently they couldn’t get through to the hotel lobby, hmm… So we moved the rooms. Quad Room, which means that two rooms are connected with a door. Good enough for us and 399MYR later.

Next job, back to the luggage pickup. I got to the gloomy room with few bags standing in the middle and no one in sight. There was a skateboard, which I considered to take, so the trip back to the hotel would be more fun, but of course I didn’t. I was just happy that our bag were there! Little victory arms up and back to the hotel.

The time is flying by while we are doing all the things. The stress is building, because we still don’t know what is going on with our flight? Are we staying, are we going? Are we paying for the flight ourselves? When are we flying, in the morning or the next day? Who bloody knows anything anymore! Tired, stressed, hungry and in pain. Next minute Jolene starts to feel sick and ends up in the bathroom. There is no end to the struggle for us! I just hope all my girls feel well quick!

So, back on my skates and off to the clinic I go. Another hour goes by and I got the meds for Jolene. 75-80MYR and about 12:30 or 1AM I get back to the hotel. Quickly sort out the meds and make sure that all electronics for the next flight are charging (tablets for girls, computer for us and phones) and finally to bed.

By this time, we finally had the confirmation from the insurance company, that we are all booked in for the 10:10AM flight back home!  Alarm set for 7AM, kids sleeping, wife in pain trying to sleep and my stomach starting to cramp, time to close eyes as well…

So, right now we are almost half way to Australia. Lights are out, windows closed. Lily asleep, wife still in pain, Katie on her tablet watching a movie. Well, I stopped halfway through watching “Southpaw” (boxing movie) to write this little story for you. I’ll be back to it in a moment. I just thought I share with you this little adventure of ours.


Sometimes, during travels it’s not all peaches. Sometimes things just go wrong and it could feel like the problems are never-ending. Happy to say our kids are feeling better and Jolene is, I think, starting to feel better too. I will ask her when she wakes up. We still have to drive from the Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast, a journey of some 2.5 hours. I think we will finally be home about 12AM tonight. Back to work for me tomorrow at 10AM.  Yup… I think I had about 6 hours sleep in total over the last 72 hours. Stomach cramping, tired, but happy… We did have an awesome holiday in Cambodia and we have tonnes of amazing pictures to show you and a whole bunch of stories to tell you. So, stay tuned…  Now It’s time for me to finish my movie!


I have never imagined how the life would lead me to this point. Husband to the most beautiful wife, father to two gorgeous daughters and awaiting the birth of another. Family first!

Only can wonder, what awaits next. What will be the next chapter in my life? Tell you what though, (with a smile on my face) I cannot wait!


Big thank you to:

  • The awesome and the most helpful doctor from the Kuala Lumpur Medical Clinic. The staff was great with attending to our needs!



KLIA2, 64000 SEPANG,


03 87785909


  • employee Patricia Rey for sorting out the flights for us, so we can go home.  Currently our medication and hotel costs are put through to the claims department and we are yet to be re-imbersed.


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