An Income Report for our Travel Blog that is only 6 months old!!!


Travel Blog Income Report

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Wanderlust Storytellers have been in business for 6 months now.  It has been a tough journey and it has taken total dedication to get our little travel blog to where it is today.

A lot of people will tell you that it will take years for a blog to start producing an income of any sort … but you know what, we can prove them all wrong!  We have made some sort of income since our first month in operation!  Fair enough, the income was only enough to purchase a cup of coffee (not very impressive at $5.05 – thanks to Google AdSense), but regardless we were proud of our measly $5 income in our first month of travel blog operation!



Why this post? 

Firstly because we would like to prove to all our readers that you can make money out of a blog from the word ‘go’! 

Secondly we want you to understand that making money out of a blog requires:

  • focus,
  • a schedule that you will HAVE to stick to,
  • dedicating way too many hours to your blog and social media outlets. 


It is hard work!  And if you are realistic about your dreams, you also need to realize that you will need to juggle a travel blog and a job for a while!  This blog will not replace an income for a long time yet.

Wanderlust Storytellers at workWanderlust Storytellers at work – Hobart airport … on the floor, sitting next to a power point for the laptop.   No more relaxing, any free time means work time!


Wanderlust Storytellers after 6 months:

So here we are 6 months later and we are slowly building up that all important income amount!  It is definitely not enough to quit any job by any means, but the amount of earnings is enough to keep fuelling our dream; which in return provides the power to keep pushing on with a pretty tough travel blog journey.

I still work part-time and Andrzej still works full time.  BUT!  We have a plan!  And fortunately I have long service leave up my sleeve and I will be utilising this at half pay to prioritise the blog next year!  Up until now we have been juggling jobs together with starting up a business!  Plus we have kids! 

How did we do it?  You know what, I have no bloody idea! 

All I can tell you is that if you want this dream of a travel blog badly enough, you will push and push and push beyond exhaustion points, past levels you didn’t know you could reach!  And you know what, we truly believe that it will be worth it!  I think any business owner out there will tell you how hard it is to start up.  That is life!  A blog is no different!

So where are we now?  After countless of late nights and way too many hours producing square eyes and dark circles? Up until now, we have focused very heavily on social media followers  to dive traffic.  And after 6 months we can proudly say that our hard work and dedication has paid off! 

Inspiration Quote


Social Media:

After 6 months, we now have a whopping 17,759 social media followers (and yes they are all real and none are paid for!!!).  These awesome people are from:


I think it is fairly easy to pick my favourite social media outlet haha!


Blog and Newsletter Subscribers:

We started our newsletter subscription a bit late in the game!  But after learning how important a newsletter can be we now run a fortnightly newsletter.

  • Newsletter Subscribers:  46  – If you haven't subscribed yet, why not give it a go here
  • BlogLovin Followers:  808 – Follow us here



As a new blog, our traffic still fluctuates up and down, we range all the way from 22K a month to 33K.  Last month we had:

  • Unique Visitors:  22,835
  • Page Views: 30,615


Whilst I know that the unique visitors are so important to brands, I really love the fact that I can see that a lot of our visitors are reading more than one post!  I like those pageviews, and from that I can assure myself that we must be doing something right!


Income & Expenses:

So I guess you are all here because you really want to know how much money we make?  Curious to know what life at 6 months could look like if you started a travel blog?  Well let me open some doors that so many bloggers keep locked and let you into our income/expense spread sheet.


Income for November: $624.09  (which was slightly down from our income of $711.39 in Oct)

  • Sponsored Posts – $558.55
  • Instagram Influencer Post (We use Tribe which is Australian focused) – $60
  • Google Adsense – $5.51


Value of Sponsored Accommodation, Tours and Tickets: $827

As a new blog, the best way of working with brands is to work for a ‘swap-for-swap’ method.  Whereby you offer them services such as a blog review post in return for a free tour tickets.  In reality whilst you are not making cash in hand, you are saving money for things you would have had to pay for, so in essence, it is still an income of some sort.  

So ultimately we have saved the following amounts of money for November by working with different brands on our Tasmania trip:

  • Accommodation:  $465
  • Tours: $250
  • Entry Tickets:  $112


Expenses for November: $228.21

  • Purchase of a shock proof external hard drive – $106
  • Advertising fees – $122.21
  • We purchase our hosting plan as a 2 year package as it saved us money, so no monthly expenses there
  • We also purchased our domain name for an entire year in month one, so we don’t include that as monthly fees either.
  • Now off course I guess I should include my Tasmanian Trip expenses too, as these are now business expenses, but we neglected to keep track of our expenses there – learning curve, next time we are collecting receipts.


So as you can see, whilst we are making money and producing an ‘income’, after 6 months we really just are not anywhere close to justifying a ‘let’s quit our jobs right now’ sort of notion.  However, producing income from you blog after few months in operation is possible!  It just depends how much you want this dream!  And how driven and focused you are to chase that dream.  Ever since our first post, we knew exactly what we wanted and we are still chasing that same dream!  If you are wondering what that dream looks like, why not hop over and go and read our very first post here.


Travel Blog Hints:

If you got to this point of reading, I’m guessing it is because you are curious about starting up your own travel blog!  Am I right?  If so I have two recommendations that will get you started on the right foot!! 

1.  Read our post on how to start up your travel blog!  I researched all the best prices and low-cost ways to start our blog, so if you like the look and feel of our blog, why not save yourself some work and time and simply follow the same steps?

how to start a blog


2.  Join Travel Blog Success.  Travel Blog Success is almost essential if you want to monetize your blog.  I truly believe it was one of our best investments.  Not only does it have lessons that take you step by step through how to make the most our of your social media accounts, how to set up a newsletter and how to work with brands, but it also has a closed Facebook group, where you can ask any question you are curious about and other members are always happy to help provide answers.  We learnt about how much to charge for sponsored posts on there and how to approach brands for sponsorships!  Truly, if you are serious about your blog, invest money in the once-off membership fee!!  Please support us by using our affiliate link, it doesn’t cost you any extra.  You will meet a lot of ‘popular’, well-known travel bloggers on there, everyone had to start somewhere, and it is awesome being able to connect with these full-time income earning travel bloggers.


I think this post is long enough for today!  So I am going to wrap it up! 

We would like to share with you month by month our income reports, whether they are good or bad, so you can get a realistic picture of what travel blogging is really like.  I would also like to include some handy tips and hints in these posts for how to drive traffic and how to build your social media.  I realize this post is not for everyone, but I also realize that it will be beneficial to some! 

If you love our travel blog stories, don’t worry, that is still our main focus and we have loads of Tasmania stories coming your way SOON!!!!

Till next time! xx

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    February 1, 2016 at 10:33 pm

    Hi, I am thinking about trying to take a holiday to Tassie in next few weeks so was simply checking youtube for some real footage of places I might like to go. I have limited money and dont want to be sold on unrealistic ideas for holidays via advertising sites…so “just looking” i found your lovely blog …thanks a lot…then , because I am an accountant by trade, …the financial aspect of the blogsite caught my attention , … pretty interesting to learn that aspect too. Cheers, will check back to read some more. Good luck with the blog..great creativity & dream following :-), Liis

    • Reply
      Jolene Ejmont
      February 2, 2016 at 12:42 pm

      Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for your comment! Tassie is awesome! And doesn’t need to cost much! There are plenty of accommodation options that are cheaper such as the ‘Big4’ type style. Food could be pretty costly there, but we just bought our own groceries and cooked our own food heaps! Unfortunate though I think we missed on on the food culture of Tassie as a result, so maybe treat yourself to a gorgeous meal or two whilst there! (They can easily cost $35-$45 per plate though!). More blog posts on Tassie will be coming up next week Monday and Wedensday, so do check back! 🙂 Enjoy your trip! Jolene

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    Lisa John
    October 10, 2016 at 8:26 pm

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