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Page 1: How to Plan the Best Family Vacation (* COMING SOON *)

Page 2: 45 Secrets for Fabulous Family Vacations (* COMING SOON *)

Page 3: Why you should spend money on family vacations (* COMING SOON *)

Page 4: 11 Simple Ways to Save Money on Family Vacations

Page 5: The Best Family Vacation Destinations


How to Plan the Best Family Vacation




45 Secrets for Fabulous Family Vacations


Why you Should Spend Money on Family Vacations



11 Easiest Ways to Save Money on Family Vacations

Taking a vacation with your family can cost a lot of money. Because of this, many put off vacations because they don’t have the additional funds available. Luckily, there are some smart ways that you can save money on a family vacation that can make the entire experience more affordable.


Visit Free Attractions

Many destinations have free attractions. Do research before traveling to find free places to visit. Check popular sights and tourists attractions as they do often offer free days as well. You might be surprised to find how many different things you can visit for free at your destination.


Be Flexible

A lot of travelers spend unnecessary money simple because they aren’t flexible when it comes to travel. Prices can fluctuate by hundreds of dollars from day to day. When looking for flights and hotels, look at a couple of different options in order to see if you can save money by leaving a few days earlier or later. Flying midweek, such as on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, is often cheaper than flying on a Saturday or a Sunday. You can also save money if you are willing to fly at unpopular times. This may mean getting on an early flight or catching the red-eye. While this isn’t always desirable with kids, it can allow you to save some money and they can sleep on the flight anyways.


Take Advantage Of Rewards Programs

Many individuals are part of rewards programs that they aren’t even aware of. Some credit cards do offer rewards points that can be used towards travel. Airlines often have frequent flyer programs that allow for upgrades or cheaper tickets. Hotels sometimes have reward programs as well.


Ask For Upgrades Or Freebies

One trick, that a lot of people don’t use, is that they fail to ask for discounts or upgrades. Sometimes all it takes is asking a tour company or attraction for a discount or an upgrade and they will give it to you. This is especially true if you are traveling with a large party. Even if they only give you a 5% discount, it’s still a savings that you can use towards other things.


Utilize Coupons

No matter where you are in the world there’s a good chance that you can use coupons to save money. Not sure where to get these coupons? Check the lobby of your hotel or visit the local tourist information office. You can also check the website of the destination or attraction that you plan on visiting.


Be Creative With Your Accommodations

It’s no surprise that hotel stays can cost a lot of money. A smart way to save money while on your next vacation is to be creative with your accommodations. Instead of staying at a hotel, consider camping. Many campgrounds will provide tents or cabins and have a lot of the amenities that you would find at a hotel like an onsite eatery or even a swimming pool. Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO) are another great option. Many homeowners offer their properties as a vacation rental at deeply discounted rates. This means that not only can you save money, but you can enjoy a lot more space than you would in a tiny hotel room.


Walk Or Use Public Transportation

Renting cars can be pricey. Realistically, it’s also very stressful to drive a car in another country as driving laws can be very different than what you are used too. Ditch the rental car and either walk or use public transportation. You will find that in many areas the public transportation is cheap, very efficient and that kids may ride free. Dependent on the ages of your children, it might also be a good idea to look into renting a bike. This will allow you to intimately see a destination and enjoy some quality time together outdoors. Throwing on a pair of sneakers and walking to different attractions can also save you a lot of money and allow you to see things that can’t be accessed by car.


Don’t Eat Out For Every Meal

While I don’t recommend never eating out since the food is part of the overall experience of a vacation, you can save a lot of money by not eating out for every meal. Consider getting a hotel room that has a kitchenette so that you can make some of your meals in your room. Pack snacks to take with you when you are out seeing the sites. When you do go out to eat, opt for breakfast or lunch as it tends to be cheaper than dinner. Visit restaurants to where kids eat free with a paying adult. Try to book hotel accommodations that offer free breakfast. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat to tide you over until your next meal, consider getting a snack at a street vendor as they tend to be cheaper than food from a restaurant. It will also allow you to eat something that’s a favorite among the locals.


Buy Liquor At A Local Store

One thing that really hikes up a bill at a restaurant is the amount of alcohol consumed. You don’t have to forego having a drink or two while on vacation because you are trying to save money. Opt to purchase alcohol from a local store and then enjoying a drink after dinner on the balcony in your hotel room. You can save some money and enjoy a nice sunset all at the same time.


Only Bring A Certain Amount Of Cash With You Each Day

It’s never a good idea to bring all of your cash with you while you are traveling. Not only can you easily overspend money, but flashing a lot of cash puts you in danger of being pickpocketed. Instead, figure out how much money you will need for the day and then leave the rest of it in the safe of your hotel room.


Master Your Laundry Skills

If you are traveling for an extensive period of time, you probably will have to do laundry at some point. Instead of visiting an expensive hotel laundry facility, rinse out your clothes in the bathtub instead. To dry them, lay them on a heated towel rack or squeeze them out as much as you can and hang them in the closet.


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