Extreme Travel Gadgets: Beyond the Power Bank!


Travelling broadens the mind and feeds the soul, but it can also be pretty exhausting. We’re here to give you a little helping hand. Todays amazing new technologies can make travelling just that little bit easier, and more enjoyable.

In recent years power banks have stolen all of the limelight for the must have travel gadgets, and that’s pretty understandable, we rely on our phones, tablets and laptops for taking photos, researching our next travel move and keeping in contact with our loved ones all over the world.

But we delved a little bit deeper and found some ‘extreme’ travel gadgets, such as a suitcase that’s impossible to loose, a Bluetooth padlock so you don’t have to worry about loosing those miniature keys anymore as well as some great devices to make sure you can get a reliable internet connection from anywhere.

So without further introduction, check out this great infographic put together by hotel company De Vere to discover some great travel gadgets you might not have seen before:





So there you have it, you can now surf the internet, wash and sleep just about anywhere, hassle free.


Over to You:

  • If we missed any new and cool travel gadgets from our list feel free to leave us a comment and let us know!


Feature Image Source: Big Stock Photo by dolgachov

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