December 2015 Travel Blog Income Report


Travel blog income report

So the month of December let us down on the financial side of things!  But we promised to be honest with you in regards to our progress on the financial side of things, running a blog does not provide the same financial security as a full time job; every month is a gamble.  In a lot of respects, I think our smaller income was due to the fact that we did not travel anywhere in December.   We chose to stay at home so the kids could finish their school year without disturbances and so that we could enjoy our Christmas season with our extended families.  Our focus shifted to our family, away from the blog; and this is evident in this income report!  But sometimes there are more important things that money and work!


A new year is upon us though and we have big expectations for this blog!  I will only be working till end of March this year.  After that I will be on half pay, so we have a current financial goal for our blog to make $1000 a month by the end of June!  Let’s see how we go with that goal hey!


Before we jump into the Income- Expenses side of things, I wanted to let you know of a few new things that we put into place in December.


New Efforts to Increase Traffic:


The majority of our traffic comes from Pinterest.  So in a bid to work with what is currently working for us, we have been working very hard on:

1.  Building a following on Pinterest.  We currently have around 3300 followers, the journey on Pinterest to gain followers is slow, but worth the time and effort!! You can follow us on Pinterest here!

2.  I am also trying to create pins for older posts in order to give us greater exposure on there.   I like to use portrait photos as they tend to work better and I also enjoy using Canva to style up my photo with some fonts for greater exposure!

3.  Join some great quality group boards.  PinGroupie is a great site to use to find some great group boards to join!  Do check out what the repin rate is like on the board, there is no point in joining a board that looks impressive with 30K followers but the pins there never get repinned!!  I think we are part of about 5 group boards and some are working better than others.

4.  Once you have joined group boards, you really need to sign up for to a program that allows you to schedule pins!  No one likes seeing the same pin pinned to 8 different boards straight in a row!  The last thing you want to do after working so hard to build your following is to annoy them!!  I have experimented a bit and have fallen in love with the ease and ‘smarts’ of the awesome Tailwind app.   This app is smart enough to calculate the optimum times to schedule your pins, using those times, I like to schedule my pins a day apart to get them on all the different boards for maximum exposure!   If you have not used this app yet it is great!  Use this link to receive one month for free PLUS get a $15 DISCOUNT if you decide to join up!!! – give it a go, what have you got to loose?


New Efforts to Increase Income:

Currently our months when we did fairly well financially, for a new blog, was when we worked with sponsored content.  As a result I put aside a lot of time to research how we could become more involved with companies that work with bloggers and sponsored content!  We signed up to two different sites!



‘’Cooperatize is a marketplace that allows brands and agencies to buy sponsored content from thousands of verified publishers.’’  

We signed up to this handy site to get our name out there that we are willing to work with brands on content creation.  They pay you a set amount per reader, so the more readers you have the greater your income will be!!  Pretty exciting hey!!  This company doesn’t just accept anybody onto their team of verified publishers, but I think it is worth a try, you also need an ‘invite’ from a verified publisher, so make sure to use this link when signing up!



Linqia matches brands to digital storytellers and their communities at scale through a seamless technology platform. Linqia empowers storytellers to tell authentic stories and create original content that delights their audience and drives guaranteed performance against brand marketing objectives.’ 

We see ourselves as storytellers, hence our name!  So we thought working with this company would be a perfect fit for us!!  So we have signed up here as well! Use this link if this company sounds like a match for you.


Income & Expense for Dec ‘15

Dec 15 Income Report

Income for December: $116.89  (which was a big decrease from our income of $624.09 in Nov – read that income report here)

  • Sponsored Posts – $0
  • Instagram Influencer Post (We use Tribe which is Australian focused) – $115
  • Google Adsense – $1.01
  • Amazon – (We sold our very first affiliate products via Amazon this month, so exciting!!  Although our commission is not really that exciting at all haha!) – $0.88


Value of Sponsored Accommodation, Tours and Tickets: $0

We focused on family events this month, so did not travel anywhere!  We do have an awesome Glamping experience coming up in a week or so, and more companies lined up in March as well!! 


Expenses for December: $300

  • Purchase of a one year membership to Tailwind – $168.56
  • International transaction fees for above – $5.06
  • Fees for someone on Fiverr to design an infographic for us – $22.59
  • Advertising fees (Facebook, Outbrain) – $103.79
  • We purchase our hosting plan as a 2 year package as it saved us money, so no monthly expenses there
  • We also purchased our domain name for an entire year in month one, so we don’t include that as monthly fees either.


NET LOSS: $183.11


Travel Blog Hints:

If you got to this point of reading, I’m guessing it is because you are curious about starting up your own travel blog!  Am I right?  If so I have two recommendations that will get you started on the right foot!!

1.  Read our post on how to start up your travel blog!  I researched all the best prices and low-cost ways to start our blog, so if you like the look and feel of our blog, why not save yourself some work and time and simply follow the same steps?

how to start a blog


2.  Join Travel Blog Success.  Travel Blog Success is almost essential if you want to monetize your blog.  I truly believe it was one of our best investments.  Truly, if you are serious about your blog, invest money in the once-off membership fee!!  Their Facebook group is one of our most valuable resources for asking questions and learning about how to work with brands and tourism companies!  Sign up when you have some money set aside.


Running a blog is hard work!  But I think if you set your mind to it and truly that focus on this one dream, you can achieve what all these ‘famous’ bloggers are achieving!  We are on a mission!  And whilst we realize it might take time, we are planning on getting there!! So bring on January, cause we have renewed energy and we are ready for ya!!!!


Over to you: Do you run a blog?  Can you share the link below?  What are your goals for your blog?


* Please note that affiliate links are present in this post.  Using our links costs you nothing extra but helps us stay in business!  Please see our disclaimer page for more information!

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