30 Awesome Adult White Elephant Gifts (Funny, Unique & More)

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The White Elephant game is one of the most amusing party games you can play with your family & friends.

The game turns the mundane and frankly uninteresting task of exchanging gifts among your friends into a fun and amusing game that is bound to make everyone have a great time.

But the real dilemma arises when you are in search of gifts for White Elephant. It can be a daunting dilemma to choose the right gift.

And when you are in search of something special, you simply start running out of White Elephant ideas.

So if you are online looking for great White Elephant gift ideas, we have brought you the 30 best White Elephant gifts ever!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Best White Elephant Gifts!

Best White Elephant Gifts for Work

To help you in your endeavor of finding the right gift, we have collected some of the best items we found online and categorized them according to their prominent characteristics.

If you already have ideas for White Elephant gifts, you may want to skip to the section that you think aligns the most with those ideas.

Fun White Elephant Gifts

We’d like to begin our list with some funny White Elephant gift ideas. These goofy items are authentic to the true spirit of the game of White Elephant, i.e. amuse yourself and your loved ones with the goofiest of gifts.

The unique selling point of these items is not their uniqueness, usability, or price.

For these gifts, the only thing that matters is how many laughs they can get at a party.

1. Liquid Ass

We’d like to start our list with something that is basically a prank. Something the receiver of the gift would hate you for.

But it’ll indeed be the most hilarious thing at the whole party.

Yes, it is called Liquid Ass and the name is as accurate as it can be. When opened, it unleashes a smell that can only be described as haunting.

For the connoisseur of bad odor, the smell can be described as a mix of poop and the smell of a sticky butt crack with a hint of a rotting carcass of a dead animal.

The smell is so pungent that it is enough to render someone unconscious by hijacking their senses and literally turning them blind for a moment from the attack.

Overall, use it at your own risk.

>>> Click here to grab a bottle of Liquid Ass from Amazon

2. BigMouth Inc Toilet Mug

If you want to pull off the perfect gag on your friends then this mug is your savior.

It’s a mug that is in the shape of a toilet bowl and is made from the finest quality ceramic.

No more would you have to settle with poor-quality mugs that look cheap.

And best of all it can hold up to 12 ounces of your favorite liquid.

>>> Click here to buy this toilet mug from Amazon

3. Swear Word Coloring Book 

What sort of grown-up person would want a coloring book? No one.

What sort of grown-up person would want a Swear Word coloring book? Probably everyone.

This coloring book is perfect for releasing the tension and frustration from one’s day-to-day life with the help of art.

When you can’t cuss at your will, what better way is there than to color a bunch of poetic swear words?

And who knows, if someone really likes the design, he or she might even frame it up on the wall.

>>> Click here to grab your swear word coloring book from Amazon

4. The Original Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder

This is the original Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder that can hold anything ranging from a pencil, pen, and paintbrush to Pence Pencil and even Sunglasses.

It has a flat bottom which makes it an excellent paperweight and the item is hand-crafted expertly to make them look as real as possible.

Even though it’s a funny gag, it does have some serious utility.

>>> Click here to grab a Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder from Amazon

5. Bubble Wrap Calendar

A calendar is one of the most boring things you can buy for your loved ones. Whereas, there is no human in the world who’d not enjoy bubble wraps.

Mix those two extreme poles and voila! You get something that is a work of true innovation, a Bubble Wrap Calendar.

Pop away your days quite literally with a calendar you can actually be obsessed about. Never thought that can be said, right?

>>> Click here to grab a bubble wrap calendar from Amazon

6. Nicholas Cage Mug

Oh my, thank you for the internet and the golden archive of memes!

Nicolas Cage has been the face of internet memes for almost a decade now.

Without starting a debate on his acting skills, let’s just agree that the majority of his roles have been peculiar, to say the least.

So, to get a mug that adorns the everloving face of Nicolas Cage staring right into your soul is not just hilarious, it’s absolutely beautiful.

And ultimately, it still works as a mug, right?

>>> Click here to grab a Nicolas Cage Mug from Amazon

7. Flowchart Book

If there’s a real handbook to being an adult, then this is it. And what better way is there to explain life to a young adult than a flowchart?

Bring this to a party with your friends and mutually acknowledge the fact that adulting is hard.

No matter who is the receiver, they’ll love the sarcastic humor and amuse themselves with the practicality of these 54 flowcharts.

Humble yourself and ground a common understanding with this humorous gift that screams that life is miserable for everyone.

>>> Click here to grab a Flowchart to Life Book from Amazon

Cool White Elephant gifts

Gift ideas for White Elephant don’t have to be just hilarious, obscene, or ridiculous. 

You can still be quirky and fun-loving with your choice while also providing some use for the gift.

So, these are some cool White Elephant gifts that are sure to hit the sweet spot!

8. Tequila Mockingbird

Want to be an alcohol and literature guru at the same time? This book is a unique collection of both of those qualities.

In the book, you get 65 different unique recipes for making the finest of cocktails and these recipes are coupled with dry-humored commentary on classic literature pieces.

The book is also equipped with bar bites, some unique drinking games, and charming illustrations.

>>> Click here to grab a Tequila Mockingbird Book from Amazon

9. Dino Taco Holders

It’s a taco holder that looks like a dinosaur. How awesome is that!

Does anyone ever need a taco holder shaped like a dinosaur? Probably no. And maybe that’s why it’s perfect.

You can fit two tacos in one holder and it can make Taco Tuesday incredibly enjoyable for a kid, a kid-like-adult, or a Paleontologist.

>>> Click here to grab some Dinosaur Taco Holders from Amazon

10. Bicycle Pizza Cutter – TOUR de PIZZA

These are made from quality stainless steel and are as close to a real bicycle. It has gotten all the details of a real bike like a frame, handles, and seat.

It’s easy to clean and a perfect humorous gift for anyone who loves pizza or cycling.

And if you are still not satisfied with the item, you can replace it under its 100% Money Back Guarantee.

>>> Click here to grab a cool pizza cutter from Amazon

11. Mziart Funny Luggage Tags Set

Funny Luggage Tags

Traveling with Mziart Funny Luggage Tags Set will surely be a fun experience!

The bold colors, funny graphics, and brightly designed signs make it a hot spot among travelers looking for something to set their bags apart from the rest.

These travel tags are the perfect addition to your travel bag. These tags enable you to easily identify your luggage and make it stand out from the rest.

With its waterproof protector film, they ensure that all information stays safe and protected at all times while being easy to view.

They make a great gift for any traveler.

Check price for these tags on Amazon here

If you love the idea of this gift, you might also like to browse our post about the best travel gift for her.

12. Wine Away Stain Remover

This stain remover for wine is one of the most unique White Elephant gifts that we’ve ever found.

This thing is pure magic. No matter how deep and raunchy the wine stain is on the fabric, this stain remover can get rid of the stain in just one wash.

So, why is it an idea for cool White Elephant gifts rather than being in the useful category?

Because of its unique nature and how rare it is to spill wine on your clothes. I highly recommend you gift it with a bottle of cheap red wine.

>>> Click here to grab some Wine-Stain-Away from Amazon

13. No Shit Sherlock Lavatory Mist

Taking a dump will always smell. No shit, Sherlock. And that’s why this Lavatory mist is so unique and quirky.

It has a relatable meme name and it gets the job done. Anyone who’d use this in their bathroom will always have a chuckle seeing the label.

This brand of Lavatory Mist also has other equally humorous names as well such as Fanny Rosebottom and Fifty Shades of Brown.

So yeah, chuckle while you take a trip to the loo. Perfect White Elephant gift, right?

>>> Click here to grab some cool toilet spray from Amazon

Useful White Elephant Gifts

If you want to be that good friend, then you’d want something that your friends can make use of.

While all of our ideas till now have been more on the quirky, fun side, the following items are genuinely extremely useful while some of them still carry a hint of goofiness.

These are the White Elephant gifts everyone will fight for.

So, take a look at these useful White Elephant gift ideas and we guarantee that you’ll find something you love.

14. Drinking Buddies Glass Markers

These will be one of the most useful White Elephant gifts for the event since you are already at the party.

These twelve hunky dudes will prevent the drink glasses to get mixed up while also looking super handsome in trunks.

As funny as it is, it’s also inevitably one of the most creative White Elephant gift ideas that you can bring to such a kind of exchange.

>>> Click here to grab some useful glass markers from Amazon

15. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

A perfect sandwich will always make for a perfect breakfast and therefore, a perfect start to the day.

Gift your loved ones an appliance that will actually ease up their morning routine and help them get their day started on a smoother note.

Just plug one of these in on the wall with the right ingredients and you’ll be good to go with a drab and run sandwich that is also healthy and fresh.

>>> Click here to grab this sandwich maker from Amazon

16. Mini Desk Vacuum

This beautiful-looking showpiece is an extremely useful job. It can clean desks and keyboards in an extremely convenient fashion.

It’s portable, good-looking, and efficient at doing its job and takes care of things like dust, ash, and even crumbs.

Get one of these for your office friends today!

>>> Click here to grab this mini desk vacuum from Amazon

17. Stainless Steel Straws

It’s time to think about mother nature! This set of stainless steel straws is a perfect way to not only protect nature but make someone’s life easier as well.

No more will the receiver have to worry about running out of straws and filling up their garbage bins with toxic plastic at the end of every gathering or party.

These are excellent utensils that have great use in a kitchen and if you have pride in being environment-friendly, maybe fetch one set for yourself as well.

>>> Click here to grab these stainless steel straws from Amazon

White Elephant Christmas Gifts

Often at times, White Elephant gift exchanges happen at holiday parties, especially Christmas.

So, you may want your gift to be in alignment with the merry spirits of Christmas.

To scratch that itch, we have also scrounged the internet to find some of the best gifts that are not only fit for White Elephant exchanges but also for Christmas.

So, here are some White Elephant Christmas gift ideas that you’ll surely fall in love with.

18. Beard Hat

Remember the ugly sweaters your grandma made you wear on Christmas Eve? Or maybe you are still haunted by such gifts to this day.

Now, you can haunt your friends with similar winter apparel like a Beard Hat.

It’s basically a beanie with a woolen beard and honestly, even if it looks weird to some people, it’s extremely funny and will really keep your face warm.

Ultimately, yes, it’s a little awkward, and a little quirky but indeed useful and perfect as a White Elephant gift.

>>> Click here to grab this ugly beanie and beard from Amazon

19. Disposable Camera

In this new age of photography, some people still lurk for nostalgia.

You can find a plethora of filter apps on smartphones that try to emulate the effect but nothing is more inexpensive and authentic to the experience than a disposable camera.

It can help you get some good family photos on Christmas that are brand new but already has a value of nostalgia attached to them.

And it sure will make you happy to take a look at these moments later down the line.

>>> Click here to grab some disposable cameras from Amazon

20. Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

Spice up the Christmas party with some delicious cocktails. And what would help you achieve that agenda better than a Cocktail Shaker Bar Set?

Whoever is the recipient of this will surely enjoy this as a part of their utensil set. There is no way that it won’t be useful for such a gathering.

And like our drinking buddies from above, this will also add to the experience at the party itself.

>>> Click here to grab a shaker from Amazon

21. Wonder Woman Apron

Wonder Woman is an iconic superhero and has a faithful fan base all around the world.

No matter what the age or what kind of person, if someone is aware of the concept of superheroes, they surely know who wonder woman is.

So, this apron is surely one of the most awesome white elephant gifts for a girl or a woman who’s really invested in the DC universe.

>>> Click here to grab a Wonder Woman from Amazon

Quality White Elephant Gifts

We get it. You are a grown man and with all the humor aside, you actually want to bring something nice to the table.

So, you want some serious White Elephant gift ideas. Don’t worry because we have got you covered!

The following gifts are fancy, they are elegant and they are useful. A little pricey maybe but indeed some of the best quality White Elephant gift exchange ideas.

22. Fancy Candle

If you are planning to have a White Elephant exchange with your family or if your friend circle has a significant number of women, then a fancy candle would make an excellent gift.

It can be your mother, aunt, sister, coworker, or significant other. In such cases, a fancy candle will be one of the nicest white elephant gift ideas for her.

It gives a nice aroma and if you are creative with your choice it can pass on the message that you are caring and thoughtful.

>>> Click here to grab a candle from Amazon

23. Portable Speaker

Nobody would turn away from a portable speaker, especially at a technological stage where smartphone speakers have started to become weaker and weaker.

A portable speaker can make any beach trip, walk in the park or any other gathering with your friend extremely enjoyable.

It’s a gift that in this day and age, will be appreciated by everyone. An age that has an abundance of smartphones.

>>> Click here to grab a portable speaker from Amazon

24. Electric Wine Opener

A wine corkscrew is often an annoying task to do, and it is even kind of dangerous when you get a champagne bottle.

To make your loved one’s life easier, you can consider picking up an electric wine opener.

It takes out the cork in one simple button press that ensures there’s no mess to clean up afterward.

>>> Click here to grab an electric corkscrew from Amazon

Games as White Elephant Gifts

Games will always spice up a humble gathering or a house party of family and friends.

While you can stick to conventional card games and monopoly boards, there are better options.

These items are some of the most interesting games that you can play with your loved ones whenever they have the time to gather up and sit together.

The games are unique, quirky, and hilarious so they are perfect for a White Elephant gift exchange party.

25. Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

The rule is simple, there are 250 prompt cards that would help to decide who in the group is the drunkest, most stoned or most stupid.

And the quality of the materials is excellent too!

The game can seriously get intense with more players and we can’t recommend you enough to try this!

>>> Click here to grab this fun game from Amazon

26. Relative Insanity Party Game 

Draw a card and read aloud a setup clause and let the rest of the group say the funniest finishers.

If the reader finds someone’s line the funniest, then that person gets a point.

Take rounds and find out the funniest punchlines that humanity can ever imagine!

>>> Click here to grab this fun game from Amazon

27. Flushin’ Frenzy

Plunge the toilet the same number of times as the dice dictate and when it launches into the air, be the first one to grab it because if you do, you get 2 tokens!

At the end of the game, whoever wins the most tokens wins.

It’s a fun, goofy game for 2-4 players.

If your budget it low, you can also find a list of other white elephant gifts under $25 here.

>>> Click here to grab this fun game from Amazon

28. Joking Hazard Game

This is an extremely adult game from the creators of Cyanide & Happiness, a hit webcomic series.

Three people in this game can compete to make the most hilarious or terrible comics about sex, love, friendship, violence, drugs, and many more.

The best part is that you have 360 normal and 10 make-your-own cards to create your epic comic!

>>> Click here to grab this fun game from Amazon

29. Mixology Dice

If you are running out of ideas for a cocktail party, then you’d love this.

Just roll the dice and make whatever fate decides. The product itself exudes quality, which is quite surprising for a dice.

And some of us have tried this and we can, hence, assure you that each drink is delicious.

>>> Click here to grab this fun game from Amazon

30. Exploding Kittens Game

It’s a game of Russian Roulette in which you get out of the game if you get an exploding kitten.

There is a saving grace if you happen to have a defuse card like a laser pointer, belly rubs, and catnip sandwiches.

The game is extremely simple but it’s quirky and extremely funny. And of course, who doesn’t like cats and explosions, right?

>>> Click here to grab this popular game from Amazon

What are White Elephant Gifts?

white elephant gift ideas

The game is also popularly known as Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa, but no matter what it is called, the concept remains the same.

All the members of the game have to bring a wrapped gift each and then draw a number from a pool.

And according to your number, you get your chance to either pick up a wrapped gift or steal an unwrapped one from your friends.

It keeps on going until the last person collects their gift and if you get your gift stolen in between you can either steal again or pick a wrapped gift.

That’s all there is to the premise of the game.

What is a Good White Elephant Gift?

white elephant gift exchange ideas

There is no such statement about what great White Elephant gifts are. But the ideal collection of gifts will have some useful gifts, some funny ones, and some outright white elephants!

So, then what is a good white elephant gift idea?

Something that is quirky, cool, and funny. The point isn’t about getting a good gift, or maybe it is, but to have an interesting activity with your friends, to say the least.

So, the more amusing the gift is the better it is at being a white elephant!

Where to Buy White Elephant Gifts?

funny white elephant gift ideas

Practically, you can get interesting gifts from anywhere. Finding the right gift would be a personal and subjective matter.

You can look into souvenir shops, pawn shops, sex top shops, etc. to find the funniest and the most interesting gifts for your friend.

One thing people often ignore is the plethora of good white elephant gifts you can find online.

Online retailers like Amazon and AliExpress have arrays of items that are peculiar, strange, and downright humorous.

Some of the most hilarious gifts from our holiday parties have been Amazon white elephant gifts.

Ultimately, to drive this point home and to promote convenience overall, we have made sure that all the 25 products listed above are available on Amazon.


The Best White Elephant Gifts Ever

So, that will be all for this listing.

In this piece, we tried to educate you with a variety of options for your next White Elephant exchange party.

Some of these ideas have been authentic to the goofy spirit of the game, while others are more sincere, mature, and thoughtful.

But nonetheless, all of them are excellent ideas for a White Elephant gift.

With that, we hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it genuinely helpful.

Thank you for reading!

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