10 Best Places to Visit in Tuscany (Add These to Your Itinerary)



Tuscany, Italy is one of those incredible places where you feel like it emerged from an oil painting and appeared on the sun-kissed landscape.

With their rolling hills, historic landmarks, and unbelievable art scene – here are our picks for the best places to visit in Tuscany.

The Best Places to Visit in Tuscany

Wondering which towns you should see in Tuscany? These towns are all beautiful and have loads of value for tourists. Make sure to include as many of them as you can for your visit to Tuscany.

1. San Gimignano

Torre Grossa San Gimignano

Filled with stunning art hubs like Balducci Ceramics where you can watch the artists at work, or pop into Studio d’Arte Santagostino where you’ll find exquisite watercolors to admire.

Take a stroll around the Piazza della Cisterna where you can grab a delicious gelato from Gelateria di Piazza. Then, admire the Arco dei Becci which dates back to the 10th century.

Enjoy amazing historical landmarks, quaint streets and iconic architecture in this charming Tuscan town!

You can read our full guide on how to plan your day trip to San Gimignano here.

Where to stay:

The Hotel Bel Soggiorno is wonderfully central in a gorgeous location – the Piazza della Cisterna is just a stone’s throw away. It is a popular hotel, so get in early!

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One of the Best Tuscan Towns to Visit if you love Roman Ruins

Not only is Volterra picture perfect, but it also boats one of the finest and most well-preserved Roman theatres in Italy – impressive!

2. Volterra

old tuscan village - Volterra

As one of the best Tuscan towns, Volterra holds a wealth of incredible landmarks. Enjoy a visit to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (Duomo), where a beautiful interior and rich architecture awaits. Head for the central Piazza dei Priori where you can enjoy browsing the alabaster art shops and discover the iconic ‘Tower of the Piglet’.

Visit the Pinacoteca which houses an incredible collection of artworks, sculptures and ceramics. Stop off at Trattoria Albana for some good, hearty Tuscan food with an inventive flair. And don’t forget to grab a photo from a tower – the views are incredible!

tuscan villages to visit - Volterra

Where to stay:

Hotel La Locanda offers charming accommodation in the historic heart of Volterra.

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One of the Best Cities in Tuscany

This city needs no introduction. Not only is it one of the best places to visit in Tuscany, but it is also one of the most famous ones.

3. Florence

best cities in tuscany - Florence

Florence is one of the most incredible towns in Tuscany filled with museums, palaces and churches. Admire the Florence Cathedral, one of Italy’s largest churches which is especially beautiful at night.

The Ponte Vecchio is also a winner with its collection of quaint shops and incredible views of the Arno River.

best places to visit in tuscany - Florence

The city is pretty big and the easiest way to explore the city in one day is to grab a spot on a walking tour. Book your one-day Florence walking tour here!

Head for the Boboli Gardens, which act like an outdoor museum filled with Renaissance statues and incredible fountains.

Pay a visit to the nearby Pitti Palace, which houses the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Carriages. 

Make sure to book a Chianti tour from Florence so you can enjoy tasting some of the best wines from Tuscany.

I don’t think anybody would argue if we tell you that this city is indeed one of the best cities in Tuscany.

Where to stay:

Nestled on the banks of the Arno River, the Ville Sull’Arno comes with a fantastic indoor pool and free bicycles for sightseeing.

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One of the Best Towns to visit in Tuscany if you Love Shopping!

Love a bit of shopping whilst you sightsee? Lucca is a beautiful city and has plenty to keep tourists busy, but it also has lovely shops that you can browse as well.

4. Lucca

towns near florence italy - Lucca

Enjoy a visit to Lucca, the ‘city of one hundred churches’ and one of the best Tuscany towns to visit. Admire the incredible St Martin Cathedral where stunning artworks and sacred relics fill the amazing building.

The Walls of Lucca is the perfect place for a bike tour or picnic – you can even enjoy an underground tour.

towns near florence italy - Lucca

The Villa Museum Giacomo Puccini is an amazing landmark for any music lover, filled with artistic touches and memorabilia.

Get your tickets for the exclusive underground tour on Viator.

Where to stay:

With free private parking and a fantastic on-site restaurant, the Eurostars Toscana hotel is a winning choice.

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5. Monticchiello

Monticchiello is one of the best small towns in Tuscany, perched on a hill in the Val d’Orcia and filled with incredible landmarks.

Stroll down the ancient stairways amongst colorful windows, charming balconies and a treasure trove of photo opportunities. Take in the stunning views of the valley from the Porta Sant’Agat, the only way into the city.

If you’re visiting in the summer, enjoy a Teatro Povero performance, which is a testament to the history and life of the local people. The town might be small, but it packs a punch and is without a doubt one of the best villages in Tuscany.

Where to stay:

Enjoy a rustic stay at the Agriturismo Barbi, which overlooks the Val d’Orcia. Recline in the peaceful garden and enjoy a relaxing getaway.

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6. Siena

Siena Italy - Best places to visit in Tuscany

As one of the best towns to visit in Tuscany, Siena is home to the incredible Azienda Agricola La Lastra vineyard where fine Tuscan wine is at your fingertips. Visit the joyous Fonte Gaia, where incredible statues and a gorgeous view awaits.

For a taste of art and history, visit the Duomo di Siena, which houses stunning painted columns and an incredible collection of paintings by Donatello and Michelangelo. Enjoy some delicious Italian cuisine at Antica Salumeria Salvini, a culinary gem in this charming old Tuscan village.

 Where to stay:

Situated within the historic walls of Siena, Hotel Athena comes with a gorgeous terrace and an unbeatable central location.

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One of the Most Beautiful Towns in Tuscany

The perfect town to get lost in the picture-perfect streets of Pienza. This town packs a real punch!

7. Pienza

best small towns in tuscany - Pienza

As one of the most beautiful small towns in Tuscany, Pienza is surrounded by historic stone walls and splashes of green cypress trees. Enjoy a stroll down the ‘love route’, then visit the exquisite Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral. Here, you’ll find the Cathedral Museum and an incredible collection of artwork by the Sienese School of Art.

Pienza is easy to explore with one long street leading you through the city and fascinating monuments on every side.

Where to stay:

Experience the heart of the city at the Relais Il Chiostro di Pienza –  the perfect place to relax in the pool or enjoy some nearby sightseeing.

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8. Pisa

best towns to visit in tuscany - Pisa

Pisa is a contender for one of the most famous Tuscan towns to visit. Stroll down the atmospheric Corsa Italia, Pisa’s walking street, which is home to incredible street performers.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a ‘must see’ in Cathedral Square along with the Pisa Cathedral and the picturesque Camp Santo. Tuttomondo is also worth the visit. This unforgettable mural is a riot of color and imagery on the side of the Church of Sant Antonio Abate.

Where to stay:

In central Pisa, the gorgeous Hotel Pisa Tower has a fantastic location and idyllic garden to relax in.

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9. Montepulciano


Enjoy a visit to one of the best Tuscan towns to visit, complete with amazing historical monuments and natural beauty. The Parco Villa Trecci is like a fairytale setting with 3 acres of gardens along with a small, but stunning, lake.

You can even enjoy concerts, private dinners and art exhibitions amongst the gorgeous views. The Piazza Grande has a vibrant atmosphere, and you can head to the top of the Palazzo del Commune for never-ending views of the countryside.

Where to stay:

Enjoy a stay at the gorgeous Hotel Panoramic, with a fantastic swimming pool and incredible views of the Tuscan countryside.

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10. Pitigliano

Pitigliano best tuscan towns

As one of the most amazing Tuscan villages to visit, one of the best things to do in Pitigliano is enjoy a walk through the ancient Via Cava. Visit the Palazzo Orsini complete with incredible detailing as well as two fantastic museums.

Admire stunning artworks from surrounding churches at the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art as well as incredible ceramic artifacts at the Archaeological Civic Museum. For an authentic and passionate wine farm tour, enjoy a visit to Villa Corano before you go. After some of the most beautiful places in Tuscany? This is one of them!

Where to stay:

Relax at the Country House Maremma Nel Tufo – surrounded by the gorgeous Tuscan countryside and decked out with a swimming pool.

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The Conclusion to the Best Tuscan Towns to See

We hope you enjoyed our picks for the most beautiful towns in Tuscany. Their beauty, history and atmosphere always make a visit to these Tuscan towns unforgettable. These are the best places to visit in Tuscany, but there are many many more gorgeous places to see if you do happen to have the time.

Let us know which one you’ll be visiting next!

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