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Located in Karnataka, India; Coorg (also known as Kodagu) receives a lot of tourists annually. It has incredible views and a lot of charm. It’s a great place to take a vacation if you go during the right months.

Even though Coorg is a great place to visit year round, the best time to visit Coorg in Karnataka for adventure-based activities is October to March. The best month to visit Coorg for flowers is either March or April when the valley is covered in beautiful white flowers.

Here is the run down on the best time to visit Coorg in Karnataka, India!



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Coorg In The Summer

Months: March Through May

Many tourists feel that Summer is the best time to travel to Coorg. The temperatures don’t go above 34 degrees Celsius. There’s plenty of things going on and you really can’t go wrong by visiting the area during this time, it is also a great time to go trekking in Coorg.

The only thing that is a drawback when it comes to visiting Coorg in the summer is that it can get crowded. Be prepared to have fewer choices when it comes to accommodations if you don’t make you don’t make your travel plans early.

Summer Highlights: Shivarathri



Irpu Falls,Coorg,Karnataka

Coorg During Monsoon Season

Months: June Through September

If you visit Coorg during this time of year, expect rain, and lots of it almost daily! This is especially true during the month of June. Still, though, it can be quite magical and if you can embrace it, you will love visiting here during Monsoon Season.

Because of all of the rain, a lot of travellers stay away. What this means is that you can enjoy fewer crowds than you would during other months. You will also find that you are able to find nearly endless options for accommodations and a decent rate.

One of the biggest reasons why people visit Coorg during this time of year, despite all of the rain, is because they can save so much money by doing so. So while the rain does keep some tourists away, many don’t seem to be bothered by it and want to spend as much time in Coorg during Monsoon Season.

Monsoon Season Highlights: Madikeri Dassera, Kailmahurtha and Podu


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Beautiful Sunrise at harangi lake coorg

Coorg In The Winter

Months: October Through February

The best season to visit Coorg is the winter and this is why we recommend it as one of the best destinations in January

During the winter months, the rains have ceased and the weather tends to be quite lovely. It can also be cool during this time and it’s not uncommon for the temperatures not to go above 13 degrees Celsius on some days. Because of the nice weather and the numerous celebrations that take place, Coorg sees a lot of tourists during this time.

However, the area is filled with a lot of excitement and energy which makes it a great place to go for those that want an enjoyable vacation. The time around Christmas and New Years’ is especially lovely as you can feel the cheer in the air and there are a lot of events that take place to celebrate these holidays.

Winter Highlights: Huthri, Pattadakal Dance Festival, Pongal, Thai Pushyam and Kaveri Sankramana


As you can see, Coorg is a great place to visit practically any time of year. Sure, it can get rainy or cool on some days. However, many tourists think it’s worth it as Coorg is beautiful practically any time of year. If you are looking for a magical vacation, Coorg is definitely the place to go.

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