5 Best Things To Do in Mississippi With Kids



Are you looking for a place to take your family that is full of rich history, outdoor activities, and beautiful wildlife?

Mississippi in the USA has something for everyone!

From fascinating wildlife tours to exciting water sports and outdoor festivals with plenty of local flavors.

Things To Do With Kids in Mississippi

Here are our five amazing things to do in Mississippi with kids.

1. Explore the Wildlife in Mississippi

A visit to the wilds of Mississippi can be an unforgettable trip. It can be an amazing action-packed adventure not only for the kids but for the entire family.

This said the Magnolia State is superfluous with opportunities to explore its natural scenery, rich beaches, and wildlife.

American Gator in water and wetlands

For example, the Natchez Trace Parkway National Scenic Trail is a great spot for bird watching while hiking or biking along 500 miles of scenic parkways throughout the state.

Also worth noting is the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge which provides an unforgettable backdrop, with more than 1500 sandhill cranes gathering during the migration season in winter.

The state is also home to a long list of other amazing wildlife species, from the American alligator to the black bear, armadillo, white-tailed deer, red fox, and bobcat, just to name a few.

2. Enjoy Outdoor Festivals in the Birthplace of Blues

The birthplace of blues, Mississippi, offers plenty of outdoor festivals to ensure fun and excitement for kids and adults alike throughout the year.

It’s actually frequented by solo and family travelers from all four corners of the planet.

If you are looking for something enthralling, visit Clarksdale during its Juke Joint Festival in April.

You could also take a seven-mile trip to Highway 61’s Tunica Arts & Heritage Festival to enjoy art exhibitions, storytelling sessions, and interactive activities.

As you plan your music-filled vacation in Mississippi, consider including live music venues like Natchez City Lights in your itinerary.

If you’re a nature-loving family, you could also explore the famous Mississippi Blues and Country Music Trails together with the young ones for an unforgettable experience.

3. Try Water Sports

Looking for a memorable experience to try with the kids? Head out to Mississippi’s southwestern coast and try various water sports like paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, and more.

Kayaking in Mississippi

Not only do you get the chance to discover nature in its purest form but it’s also an opportunity to bond with your family while creating unforgettable memories together.

If you’d rather stay dry, take a boat tour of Crystal Lake where you can spot fascinating wildlife such as alligators, turtles, and exotic birds.

Otherwise, let the little ones take a shot at crabbing and shrimping or fishing, with fun races while you make an afternoon out of it, swimming and having fun as if time stopped.

4. Take Historic Tours

A trip to Mississippi would not be complete without embarking on a historic tour to some of the most spectacular spots in the state.

Kids can explore Vicksburg National Military Park and gain new insights into America’s Civil War history; or learn more about Mississippi’s blues music roots.

The latter can be done at various music-related historical sites, including those dedicated to legends such as Muddy Waters, BB King, and Robert Johnson.

Another great spot is the Grand Gulf Military Monument, a 250-acre establishment that’s just perfect for a peaceful and educational stroll.

With these options, you can be sure to create an unforgettable experience for your young ones.

5. Splash Around at Water Parks

Last but not least, no family vacation in Mississippi is complete without a stop by one of the state’s renowned water parks.

Baby Splashing in Water at waterpark

Especially since water parks are considered perfect for summer vacation, one thing holds true. Kids will definitely never forget the fun experiences they had here, as each park offers something special.

For instance, Shark Heads and Pass Christian Isles-Harbor offer exciting slides and thrills suitable for all levels.

Pirate’s Cove provides an interactive experience with pirate-themed attractions, whereas the Gulf Islands Water Park features giant waterslides, wave pools, kid areas, zip lines, and a 900-foot-long lazy river.

Final Thoughts on The Best Things In Mississippi With Kids

With proper planning beforehand, your kids can undoubtedly have an unforgettable experience during their trip to Mississippi.

From exploring the wildlife to taking historical tours and taking extravagant slides, the Magnolia state boasts numerous kid-friendly activities that can help make your family vacation memorable.

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