Looking for The Best Resort in Batangas Philippines?


The Best Resort in Batangas Philippines

Whether you are searching for the best resort in Batangas Philippines, the best hotel in Batangas or the best beach resort in Batangas, we have got you covered in this ultimate guide.

We have found top 10 best resorts in Batangas, ranging from best affordable resort in Batangas options, to best private resort in Batangas choices and the best beach resort in Batangas with pool options. 

Let me take you through our list, check out the top 10 comparison chart, detailed reviews, frequently asked questions and more.

​Comparison Table of The Best Resort in Batangas Philippines 

Check out our top 10 comparison chart of all the best resort in Batangas Philippines options. Below, you will also find the best resorts in Batangas reviews. 

In these thorough reviews we point out the best beach resort in Batangas Philippines, best affordable beach resort in Batangas, best cheap resort in Batangas, best resort in Batangas for couples and more! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Batangas:

1. Where is Batangas?

Batangas is one of the most popular and touristy province of the Philippines. It is located near the Metro Manila in Calabarzon Region in Luzon. 

2. How to get from Manila to Batangas?

There are plenty of ways of how to get from Manila to Batangas. To find out more, click here: bus from Manila to Batangas.

3. Which is the best to place stay in Batangas?

If you are searching for where to stay in Batangas, the answer is easy. For the best hotel and resort in Batangas it is always recommended to stay closer to the beach.

That way you can enjoy the relaxation to the max on the white sandy beaches and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The top beach resorts in Batangas are located in San Benito, Nasugbu, Lian, Laiya (San Juan) and in Anilao

4. Which is the best affordable beach in Batangas?

The best affordable resort in Batangas list includes: Pico Sands Hotel, Club Balai Isabel, Eagle Point Resort and Virgin Beach Resort.

5. Which is the best cheap beach resort in Batangas?

The best cheap cheap beach resort in Batangas list includes: Coral Beach Club and La Luz Beach Resort.

Reviews of Top Resorts in Batangas

Here is our guide to the top beach resorts in Batangas Philippines:

1. Club Punta Fuego Review - Nasugbu Batangas Beach Resort

Club Punta Fuego Review

If you are after the resort that is classed as the best in Batangas, then Cub Punta Fuego is the one! This is your best Batangas beach resort and the best luxury resort in Batangas!

Resort:  Club Punta Fuego is ranking as the best Nasugbu Batangas Beach Resort. This private and luxurious resort is nestled on a pristine coast of Nasugbu. 

The resort is located about 2.5 hours drive from Manila on the Peninsula de Punta Fuego. It is a haven away fr​​​​om the hustle and bustle of the busy cities.

Club Punta Fuego expresses modern Spanish-Mediterranean architecture which can be seen throughout the resort.

Rooms: This Nasugbu Batangas resort has 49 spacious rooms, including 33 Spanish-style casitas. Comfort and relaxation is the key factor of the club's design. All rooms have plush beds, large bathrooms with showers, as well as a balcony or a veranda that allows for spectacular views over the West Philippine Sea and the magnificent infinity pool.

Activities: Club Punta Fuego has two large swimming pools including the gorgeous infinity pool. There are also number water-sport activities on offer including jet-skiing, snorkeling, kayaking, banana boating and water-skiing. 

Our Verdict: This resort deserves to be at the top of the list of the top 10 beach resort in Batangas. Although the rooms come with a higher price tag, Club Punta Fuego is right at the top of all the lists of best places to stay in Batangas. This resort has it all and more. Here you can relax to the max, play a game of golf or simply chill out by the infinity pool with a cocktail or two. What more do you need?

If you are after the best Nasugbu beach resort, than Club Punta Fuego is your number one choice! This is the best resort Batangas has to offer and our No. 1 resort on the top 10 best beach resorts in Batangas.

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2. The Farm at San Benito Review - Editors Choice of the Best Beach Resort in Batangas!

The Farm at San Benito Review

If you are after a holiday getaway with total relaxation, body and spirit cleansing experience and a life-changing treatment then The Farm is the one for you!

This is my favorite pick and my choice for the best resort in Batangas Philippines​​​​.

Resort: The Farm at San Benito is a well renowned Wellness Retreat and a 5 Star resort in Batangas. This resort crowning glory is that it has received over forty prestigious international awards for the holistic healing programs, luxurious amenities, innovative live cuisine and signature treatments! 

This luxury beach resort in Batangas is located in a lush tropical jungle only 90 minutes drive from Manila. The Farm was designed as a private sanctuary in order to help with healing body and mind. The focus here is on Eastern and Western ancient healing traditions together with use of modern technology touches.

This resort is one of the most exclusive resorts in Batangas and the best resort in Batangas for family and Batangas luxury resort option for sure!

Rooms: The Farm has a number of accommodation choices for you. You can choose from a traditional Philippine style rice barns with thatched roofs, wood-beamed ceilings and the rustic air-conditioned Sulu Terraces.

Alternatively you can choose from many amazing villas such as Palmera Glass Villas, Anahaw Family Villas, Master Villas and many more!

Activities: As advertised, this wellness resort is all about body, mind and spirit. The resort offers many acmenities such as Healing Sanctuary SPA, Integrated Medical Services, Pure Energy Gym, Beautiful Pools, Golf Course and of course delicious cuisine at Alive! Restaurant. 

Our Verdict: The Farm at San Benito is my favorite pick and beautiful private resort in Batangas. This is my top pick for the best hotel and resort in Batangas. 

This is by far the best resort in Batangas City, the best resort in Batangas Philippines and the best wellness retreat in the Batangas region! Anything about relaxation and rejuvenation and you will have an amazing time! Please note that this is also Batangas best resort for families!

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3. Vivere Azure Resort Review - Anilao Beach Resort

Vivere Azure Resort Review

Are you ready for a paradise resort at the crystal clear waters of Anilao Batangas and one of the most beautiful resort in Batangas with infinity pool? If the answer is yes, then Vivere Azure Resort is the answer for you!

Resort: Vivere Azure Beach Resort is the most spectacular of Anilao resorts! It is located on the cascading cliff side of the Calumpang Peninsula only 2 hours South of Manila.

This remarkable resort focuses on maximising relaxation and adventure! Although it is the number one Anilao Batangas beach resort, it is not suitable for visitors with small children or those tourists with disabilities. This is due to the cascading design of the resort.

Rooms: The rooms modern and express touches of Mediterranean, Philippine and Asian designs. All come with magnificent views over the famous Anilao and the offer up-most comfort. 

You can choose from standard Indigo Suites with Ocean Views, Deluxe Cobalt, Sapphire or Aqua Suites, a selection of Premier and Grand Premier suites, or even a presidential ocean view Azure Suite. Yup, the choices here are plenty!

Activities: If you are looking for best resort in Batangas with pool, then Vivere Azure infinity will certainly not disappoint! The scenery here is next to none and the relaxation is guaranteed.

For added relaxation and a rejuvenation, the resorts' Aromatherapy and Spa has got you covered. Whether you need a massage or other body and mind soothing treatments, they have it all.

Vivere Azure also has plenty of adventure packed activities on offer as well. Those include Scenic Diving, Snorkeling and plenty of adventure tours, such as hiking, island hopping, Taal Heritage tours and more!

Our Verdict: If you are after the best resorts in Anilao Batangas, then Vivere Azure Resort must be on your Batangas beach resorts list! Where else will you get a more scenic Mediterranean feel like here.

The ocean breeze is sensational and the peninsula open right in front of you with amazing crystal clear blue water.

Vivere Azure is the most expensive resort from our top 10 list, but it is the best resort in Anilao Batangas and it cannot be beaten! This one is also considered by many as the best resort in Batangas Philippines. This is one of our top picks from the list of the best Batangas luxury resorts and also the best of Batangas resorts with infinity pool!

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4. Coral Beach Club - Best Affordable Batangas Beach Resorts

Coral Beach Club Review

Coral Beach Club is one of the best affordable Batangas Beach resorts and it ranks as the best Lian Batangas beach resort!

Resort: Coral Beach Club prides themselves for having a strong Green Commitment and a positive footprint approach to the surrounding environment. 

The "Mi casa, su casa.. (My house, your house)" attitude ensures that your feel here like at home. The clubs friendly staff is here to help and spoil you with delicious local and innovative cuisine and more!

Rooms: Coral Beach Club accommodation is on a more standard scale in comparison to the previous resorts. 

This resort offers a range of large size rooms, including Standard rooms, Apartments, Premier options, as well as Deluxe and Super Deluxe style rooms.

Activities: The resorts' friendly crew is ready to indulge you with plenty of yummy international and Philippino delicacies and delicious cocktails. On top of that the club offers a games room, pool, Jacuzzi and number of treatments at the MJ's Spa and the salon.

Our Verdict: Coral Beach Club is the best of Lian Batangas Resorts and one of the best affordable resorts in Batangas. Not only, it is one of the cheap resorts in Batangas, but it also is located on one of the cheap beaches in batangas as well. Save save save here and still in a 4 star style!

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5. Pico Sands Hotel Review

Pico Sands Hotel Review

Welcome to one of the largest resorts in Batangas Philippines and the best Batangas resort for family travelers. 

Resort: Pico Sands Hotel is a tropical oasis in Pico de Loro Cove. One of the most unique features of this location is, that the hotel has its' own private lagoon.

This luxury resort in Batangas has plenty of space to unwind for the whole family and is classed as an affordable option as well. 

Rooms: There are staggering 154 large rooms available in this beach hotel in Batangas. You can choose from two available options, such as the mountain view or the lagoon view.

Activities: One of the main attractions in this hotel is the famous Rain Spa. Here you can indulge in some of the best local body treatments, all done with a use of organic and indigenous products.

Our Verdict: This is an affordable and a cheaper Batangas hotel and beach resort. Pico Sands is clean, comfortable and well looked after beach resort in Batangas for family! This resort is ranking as the best resort in Batangas Philippines for large groups as well.

If you are looking for the best resort in the Philippines for your family, this might just be the one for you!

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6. Club Balai Isabel Review

Club Balai Isabel Review

Are you ready for a beautiful resort in Batangas that has a view of the Taal Volcano? Yes, you heard me right! This beach and pool resort in Batangas has picturesque views over the Taal Lake and the majestic volcano!

Resort: Club Balai Isabel is one of the relatively new resorts in Batangas and one of the fastest growing Batangas beach resorts Philippines has to offer. Not to mention it is perfectly situated close to Batangas tourist spots.

This resort has got something for everyone. It is a great location for singles, couples and families. Due to its' size, this resort is very popular for large functions, such as weddings or corporate events.

Rooms: Club Balai Isabel offer plenty of accommodation choices. There are spacious hotel rooms, villas and private cottages. There is a place here for everyone!

Activities: There is tones of things to do here for everyone. If you are travelling with kids or if you are a big kid at heart, then you will love it all here! 

There are pools, obstacle courses, tennis courts, billiards and more. You can choose from a variety of water-sports including canoeing, kayaking or even jet-skiing.  

Our Verdict: Club Balai Isabel is a new beach resort in Batangas Philippines. Although there is plenty of interest here by larger groups and weddings, there is plenty of space here fro everyone!

This is the resort to choose when looking for the best Batangas getaway for couples and families!

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7. La Luz Beach Resort Review - Cheap Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas

La Luz Beach Resort Review

If you are looking for the most affordable beach resorts in Laiya Batangas, or the best cheap resort in Laiya Batangas, then La Luz Laiya Beach resort is the one for you!

Resort: La Luz Beach Resort has been originally designed as a family getaway for the owners. These days it has been upgraded and it is fast becoming the best beach resort in Laiya Batangas. 

This resort is one of the new resorts in Batangas and it is still a bit basic, but it is getting there. Although it is a pretty standard looking stay, the added bonus here is that La Luz Laiya resort Batangas accommodation comes at very cheap rates.

Rooms: La Luz rooms are very basic and can accommodate couples, families and even larger groups. There are Junior Premier Rooms, Premier Rooms, Premier Loft Rooms, Annex Rooms and even Annex Dorm rooms with bunk-beds. 

Beds are pretty standard as well. Furniture is made out of local vegetation and the mattresses are not your five star thickness. 

Activities: There are plenty of activities on offer at La Luz! If you are after beach sports, then you have it all here, including: beach tennis, football and volleyball, beachmington and more. There are bikes for hire, yachts, boats, banana boats, kayaks and jetskis. There are also plenty of games, bonfires and massages as well! And if that is not enough, you can also go swimming, snorkeling, or diving!  

Our Verdict: La Luz is not the best resort in Batangas, but it is the best cheap resort in Batangas! 

Although, the accommodation can be greatly improved (more comfortable beds), the resort location and tones of activities on offer definitely add to the value of this resort.

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8. Eagle Point Resort Review

Eagle Point Resort Review

if you are looking for the affordable best beach resort in Anilao Batangas, the snorkeling and diving heaven or a Batangas beach resort with swimming pool that blows your mind, then Eagle Point Resort is the one for you!

Resort: Eagle Point Resort is one of the best Anilao beach resort options. This is a perfect place for family and couples getaways, and sea-life enthusiasts! The resort is located right on the rocky shoreline of Anilao and has a front raw access to some of the Philippines best marine wild-life and more then half of the world's species of coral. This is a snorkelers and divers paradise!

Rooms: The resort offers a variety of accommodation choices including Terrace Hotel Rooms, Cottages, Cabanas, Casablanca Suites as well as Villa Suites and 2 Bedroom Cottages. These are comfy but standard 3 Star rooms.

Activities: The main focus in Eagle Point Resort is the sea wild-life and coral snorkeling and diving. There are plenty of choices of Diving Packages as well as the usual game rooms, swimming pools and very inviting restaurants and bars. You can spoil yourself dining at the Eagle's Nest Bar and Resto, chill out at the Bayview Divers Club or enjoy a delicious mojito at the Mojito Poolside Bar and Grill. 

Our Verdict: Eagle Point Resort is a great choice for families and couples that love the ocean, snorkeling and diving. You will love the variety of sea life that you can swim along with here. It is truly a paradise for those that love nature, relaxation and getting away from the busy touristy spots of Batangas.

This is the best resort in Batangas with pool!

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9. Virgin Beach Resort Review - Laiya Beach Resort

Virgin Beach Resort Review

Welcome to the best beach resort in Laiya Batangas. If you are looking for a white sand resort in Batangas, or one of the most affordable beach resorts in Laiya Batangas then Virgin Beach Resort has got you covered.

This resort is also ranking at the top of the San Juan Batangas beach resort list as well as the best white beach resort in Batangas.

Resort: Virgin Laiya Beach Resort sits on an over one kilometer long stretch of private white sand beach. This is a place to fully unwind, take in the relaxation at its' best and totally switch off from reality.

This Layia San Juan Batangas beach resort is located on one of the cleanest and most quiet of the Batanga's bays. The water here is crystal clear, the sandy shore line is pristine and the tranquil backdrop of the Mount Lobo only adds to the magic of this place. This is your top choice for a private beach resort in Batangas.

Rooms: Accommodation at Virgin Laiya Batangas Beach Resort is pretty standard in comfort, but it is all beach front and open to beautiful ocean breezes. The choices of rooms include private Cabanas, Casitas and even Parasol options, which are canopied bamboo beds situated right on the powdery beachfront. So cool!!

Not all Laiya Batangas resorts have private rooms located right on the white sandy beach! This is going to be an unforgettable stay at one of the best resorts in Laiya Batangas!

Activities: This Laiya Batangas resort has it all! You can hire out Banana Boats, Kayaks, Jetskis and zoom around on San Juan Batangas beach. Or you can even go on an organized Boat Trip. You can check out Flying Fish or Fly Board. 

Alternatively, if you feel more like relaxation, then you can rent out an LCD projector, sound equipment and create your own private cinema, or organize an amazing and blissful massage. Well, plenty of choices here.

Our Verdict: Virgin Beach Resort is the best beach resort in Laiya Batangas and it is ranking at as one of the best San Juan Batangas resorts. What else do you need here. One of the best Laiya resorts? Checked! Cheap beach resort in Laiya Batangas? Checked! Yup, make sure that this resort gets on your Laiya Batangas beach resorts list!

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10. Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa Review

Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa Review

Welcome to the peaceful relaxation at the Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa, one of the most popular Nasugbu Batangas beach resort options. This is my second best pick for the best beachfront resort in Batangas, second best of Nasugbu beach resorts and well deserved hotel to be on the best Batangas resorts list!

Resort: If you are after a resort in Batangas with swimming pool and beach, then Canyon Cove is the perfect one for you. The resort is situated along a white sand private stretch of beach and overlooking the crystal clear water. 

Canyon Cove is a perfect spot for all kind of tourists. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or as a family with small kids, you will find plenty to do and heaps of space for much deserved relaxation.

Rooms: Canyon Cove Batangas accommodation options offer a range of neat and tidy Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Suite Rooms and Executive Suite Rooms. All of the choices are fitted with modern touches, comfy beds and are decorated with earthy tones.

Activities: Main attraction of this resort is the beautiful beach, Kayaking and Jet-skiing. Alternatively you can choose to chill out at one of the beautiful pools whilst enjoying a delicious cocktail or two. It is all about water and relaxation here. 

Our Verdict: Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa is my second favorite pick for the best Nasugbu hotels in Batangas Philippines. This is a perfect resort if you want to simply unwind, stretch your legs on the poolside bed and do absolutely nothing at all!

Although, this resort is last on my list, it sits on the top 10 Batangas best resorts list and for a reason! This one deserves to be on the top 10 resorts in the Philippines and the best Philippine resorts list everywhere! Two thumbs up and 5 stars for the Canyon Cove Batangas review!

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Guide to the Top Beach Resorts in Batangas Philippines Final Words

Finding the best beach resort for you vacation in Batangas is the key to having a successful and thoroughly enjoyable stay. 

We hope that we have narrowed down the choices for you and now you can book your perfect Batangas accommodation with a smile on your face.

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