5 Best Gold Coast Beaches For Families (Family-Friendly & Safe)

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As you probably already know, Gold Coast is one of those places in Australia where you find not only great beaches but a tonne of hotels and resorts to choose from. But, where to base yourself, so that you can be close to the best beaches on the Gold Coast that are more kid-friendly?

That is where we come in.

Whilst on our vacation, we set out to discover the best kid-friendly beaches Gold Coast has to offer and compiled this list of the top 5 best beaches in Gold Coast Australia.

5 Best Beaches on the Gold Coast For Families

Here are our favorites and our recommendations for the best beaches in the Gold Coast, starting from the Northern end finishing on the Southern part of the coast:

1. Main Beach

Main Beach Gold Coast is the a spacious soft golden sand beach located in Southport at the Northern end of the Gold Coast coastline.

Main Beach Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

This beach is very popular for both tourists and locals alike for swimming, surfing and/or simply vegging out catching some sun tan.

We have visited this area in July, which is one of the Australia’s winter months. Although it was a little colder and more breezy than normal, you can see that that doesn’t stop people from still enjoying it as normal.

Main Beach Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia - Best Beaches on the Gold Coast

During the winter months, Gold Coast is far less busy with tourists and it is easier to access all of the fun family activities that are available here.

Location: MacArthur Parade, Main Beach QLD 4217

Parking: Park your car right in front of the Main Beach entrance in front of the Southport Surf Life Saving Club.

2. Miami Beach

As you get to the Miami Beach Gold Coast, you quickly realize that you have reached the beach front mensions area. Yes, this is the Gold Coast’s fancy homes and beach shacks stretch of the coastline.

Miami Beach Gold Coast, Surf Lifesaving Club Beach Entrance, Queensland, Australia

Miami Beach on the Gold Coast has a nice wide stretch of the sand and plenty of space for everyone to chillax on.

Together with the coffee shop culture, number of funky bars and the family friendly beach, what else can you ask for?

Tip: There is a little restaurant called I Like Ramen close by at Mermaid Beach that has great vegan food, if you are keen for yummy lunch.

Miami Beach Gold Coast - Best Beaches on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Yes, it’s not the steps of Rio, but close right? Haha… OK, they are not, but still a cool spot for a quick photo opportunity.

Take these funky steps to check out the view from the North Burleigh Lookout, where you can see the whole Miami Beach and all the way to the high-rise lined coastline in the distance.

Miami Beach Gold Coast from the North Burleigh Lookout - Best Beaches Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

And if you are traveling with young kids aka “Mountain Goats”, you will also need time to check out the rocky part of the beach too.

Miami Beach Gold Coast Rocks, Queensland, Australia

Location: Gold Coast Oceanway, Miami QLD 4220

Parking: Park your car at the Southern end of the Gold Coast Oceanway close to the North Burleigh Lookout.

3. Burleigh Heads Beach

Burleigh Heads Beach Gold Coast is one of the cosiest beaches in the area.

Burleigh Heads Beach Gold Coast Rocks, Queensland, Australia

With the headline sheltering the beach from the winds and the waves far smaller than the ones crushing on the shore on the previous beaches, this is one of the most kid-friendly beach on the Gold Coast for sure.

Burleigh Heads Beach on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

And the further away from that you get from the high-rises, the better they look right?

Whilst you are checking out this beach, be sure that your little ones will definitely like to spend a bit of time at the Justin’s Park Playground. “Just another five more minutes, please Mummy.”

Location: The Esplanade, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

Parking: Park your car at the car park close to Justin’s Park Playground.

4. Tellabudgera Creek Beach

Tellabudgera Creek Gold Coast is the spot for the most chilled-out family session in the sun there is the area.

Tellebudgera Creek - Best Beaches on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

The best time to visit this creek beach is during the low tide. This is when the beach is much larger and can accommodate more visitors.

When we came here, there was a hide tidy and the beach area was a little limited. Luckily, winter months are less busy and there were still plenty of spots to chillax at.

Location: 1544 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach QLD 4221

Parking: Park your car close to the Neptune Royal Lifesaving Club at the Tellebudgera Creek Park.

5. Currumbin Beach

Although we are showing you the best Instagram photo spots at the Currumbin Beach next to the famous Currumbin Rock, the best swimming spot is at one of the little sandy beaches on the side of the creek.

Currumbin Rock Gold Coast Queensland Australia

The main Currumbin Beach, at the time that we were here, was not safe for swimming with “Danger” signs steering you away from it.

Currumbin Beach Gold Coast Queensland Australia

That being said, this spot has the best of both worlds. You can explore the rocks with your kids in the low tide and find some small waves next to the creek for your kids to jump into as well.

Location: Duringan St, Currumbin QLD 4223

Parking: Park your car at the car park next to Currumbin Point for easy access to both, the creek and the rocks.

Final Words

We hope that our little post has helped you experience the Gold Coast beaches that much easier on your family vacation.

If we have missed any of the kid-friendly beaches that are worth mentioning, please write them down in the comments below.

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