Top 15 Best Babymoon Destinations in the USA (2023)


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Whether your first or third, a new baby on the horizon is pretty monumental. It’s normal for expecting parents to crave a final hurrah before welcoming the new family member.

Babymoons are a relaxed holiday for mothers-to-be and their partners, friends, or family members.

Many resorts have jumped on board this new trend, offering babymoon packages focused on spoiling guests. Expecting moms can enjoy maternal massages, spa treatments, and an array of tasty treats while relaxing on their babymoon vacation.

With three children and a bunch of holidays under our belt, we’ve created the perfect list of the best babymoon destinations in the USA.

In this guide, you will find:

What Is A Babymoon?

Babymoon Destinations

A babymoon is a “final” trip or pre-baby vacation for couples before welcoming their baby. Ultimately it is a great opportunity to spend quality time together by yourselves before a little one joins your family.

What Month Is Best For A Babymoon?

As per the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the most suitable time for a babymoon is the second trimester (between 14 and 28 weeks into your pregnancy). This is because most pregnant women feel their best during this time with hardly any signs of morning sickness, lethargy, unusual cravings, etc. 

However, this suggestion is not set in stone, so it really depends on your comfort. Just make sure not to delay too much as later, you might become uncomfortably large. Or, you might end up with a hyperactive bladder! 

Not to forget the risk of an early delivery- now, that can really ruin your babymoon. 

Personally, I had my big babymoon from 24 – 26 weeks, the destination was a long flight away and the trip involved a fair bit of exploring. I found that it was a great time to travel!

We did also slot in one final weekend away when I was 36 weeks, and that time around we chose to stay closer to home and planned a weekend full of luxury and relaxation.

With so many choices of amazing babymoon trips in USA, you really can find something that is perfect for your personal needs.

How Late Is Too Late For a Babymoon?

So how late is too late for a babymoon? Well, it really depends on the mode of travel. So let's break it down, let's have a look at taking a drive to your babymoon destination vs having to fly to your babymoon destination.

1. By Car

By the third trimester (roughly up to 36 weeks), if you haven’t experienced any health complications, traveling by car should be fine. However, issues like preterm labor and hypertension are common during this time and may require immediate medical attention. 

Hence, it is best to follow the ‘stop and revive’ method and stretch your legs every two hours once you hit the third trimester. 

2. By Plane

Flying with kids

Before 36 weeks, air travel is considered safe if you haven’t faced any complications. However, airlines will have different restrictions for pregnant women, so you will need to check out their rules and requirements.

Typically domestic airlines will not permit pregnant women to travel for more than four hours after 36 weeks gestation. International flights typically restrict travel from 32 weeks.

On top of that, you might have to get a letter from your doctor or midwife confirming your due date and whether there are any complications with your pregnancy. Most airlines will allow pregnant women to fly up to around 26 – 27 weeks without needing to carry a doctor’s certificate. They will usually ask you to sign a Liability Statement at the check-in counter.

In saying this, I was 24 weeks pregnant when I left for my babymoon, and only 26 when I returned. But my belly was BIG and most airports asked me to show a doctor’s certificate saying I was safe to travel. So to be on the safe side you might like to have the letter with you, even if you aren't required to carry one.

Are Babymoons Worth It?

traveling whilst pregnant

While a babymoon may sound like an added expense, it is actually a great opportunity for couples to enjoy quality time with one another before a bundle of joy arrives. Because let’s be honest- your world is going to turn upside down!

You can let your hair down and relax during this trip before the countless sleepless nights and nappy changes. Plus, with a little human onboard, you never know when you’ll get the time to go for another trip, so why not now?

I highly recommend you choose one of these babymoon US destinations listed in our article and enjoy that last trip away.

How to Choose the Best US Babymoon Destinations?

Some mothers choose to travel early on in their pregnancy which opens up destinations that are further away. On the other hand, choosing to travel when you’re about to pop is just as wonderful, but limits locations to those that are easier to get to.

Regardless of when you decide to take your bump on holiday, there are some non-negotiables for a babymoon.

Here is a list of things to consider in order for you to find the best places to babymoon in the US:

  • It’s best to avoid chaotic places that will put you under unnecessary stress.
  • Choosing a safe destination is important.
  • Look for spots that offer comfort, safety, and ease of travel.

And lastly, I highly recommend that you check in with your doctor or obstetrician before booking your holiday. Listen to their concerns, and give yourself some time to consider their points.

TIP: If you are looking to search for vacation rentals and hotel options for your Babymoon, be sure to check out this great site for search options.

15 Best Babymoon Destinations in the USA

The United States has no lack of amazing destinations for your babymoon. From charming towns to gorgeous sceneries and luxurious resorts, there is something for every mama. 

Here are the 15 best babymoon locations in the US for you to choose from.

1. Maui, Hawaii

Maui Hawaii

Hawaii is an exotic paradise that will make you forget that you’re in the USA. It is a perfect spot for tropical island babymoons and it’s easy to get to and completely safe.

Take long walks through lush landscapes, enjoy a bump-buoyed swim in the sea, and gorge on healthy food and fruit. Beach holidays are synonymous with ultimate relaxation, which is exactly what the doctor has ordered for expectant moms. Bring the best beach blanket along to laze by the sea.

Travaasa Hana Resort in Maui is babymoon heaven. If you’re looking to disconnect from technology and revel in nature, then this is the spot for you. The all-inclusive resort will cater to your every need and has a lot of awesome activities for pregnant moms and their partners to enjoy.

Indulge in the onsite spa, take part in gentle yoga classes, walk through the rainforest to stunning waterfalls, or learn how to play the ukulele.

Click here to see the latest prices for Travaasa Hana Resort.

2. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Arizona Fay Canyon Arch

Head into the desert and find an oasis to hole up in and enjoy your special babymoon. And where better to do this but Sedona? Surrounded by the mystical fire-red rock formations and perpetually blue skies.

 The Arizonan landscape is harsh, unique, and magical. It is a complete escape into nature and the ideal spot for reflection before your baby arrives.

If a desert oasis sounds like your cup of tea, book L'auberge de Sedona’s babymoon package. The fairytale atmosphere of this beautiful creekside resort is a mom-to-be’s dream. The package even includes a baby journal for some much-needed reflective journaling in nature. The luxurious cottages with private balconies and panoramic views are pretty spectacular too. As well as the four-course creekside dinner.

Click here to see the latest prices for L’auberge de Sedona.


3. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket Harbour

This picture-perfect island with pristine beaches and postcard-worthy harbors has always been a popular getaway destination. It makes for a great babymoon vacation too.

Picture strolling along cobbled streets, watching sailboats bob in the water while you munch on your third ice cream of the day. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Sitting alongside the harbor is the White Elephant Hotel, a sanctuary for babymooners. The hotel has designed a babymoon package that looks after mom and dad, and all the pregnancy munchies too!

Moms can enjoy massages in the onsite spa while dad puffs on a complimentary cigar. Afternoon cheeses and morning pastries will keep mom and baby fueled and happy.

Click here to see the latest prices for the White Elephant Hotel.


4. Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe

The mild climate, sunny days, and endless holiday spots make California a fail-safe babymoon destination. In the interest of making your decision easier, our Californian pick is the sparkling waters of Lake Tahoe.

You can submerge yourself in the crisp mountain air and raw natural scenery – and you don’t have to do it in a tent! Lake Tahoe is the sweet spot where rugged nature and modern luxury combine to give you a rejuvenating babymoon.

Roast marshmallows on the fire and spend your days picnicking by the lake. It’s like your last childhood adventure before your own child arrives.

For a lakefront stay with everything you need, check out the beautiful Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe. Fur children welcome and unprecedented lake views. The on-site restaurant serves delicious food and you can sip exotic mocktails at the ‘beach bar.’

Click here to see the latest prices for Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe.


5. Charleston, South Carolina

White Point Gardens Charleston SC

There are two therapy methods that work for most women, even those dealing with a tornado of hormones. Retail therapy, and food. Charleston has both of these in abundance.

The southern charm and amazing food of historic Charleston make it a perfect girls-only babymoon destination. Take in the sights of the harbor, peruse the city market, and treat yourself to world-class restaurants – it’s the best time when you’re eating for two!

Now that we’re on the subject of eating. Are you dealing with strange pregnancy cravings? Well, choose Planters Inn as your babymoon refuge to satisfy all of those.

You’ll be welcomed with pickles and chocolate-covered strawberries (all non-pregnant people cringe now). And at turn-down, a 12-layered chocolate cake will be delivered to your room. Which you can eat in bed, in the bath, or wherever you please.

Click here to see the latest prices for the Planters Inn.


6. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah Georgia

Babies are expensive. And brainstorming babymoon ideas can be intimidating if you’re worried about whether it’s the right thing to splash out on.

But Savannah has been rated one of the best affordable babymoon locations so that is one thing you don’t need to worry about. The historic and quirky town is enchanting and oozes southern charm and good food.

For one of the best babymoon packages, Ballastone Inn has it all. Spa vouchers for prenatal massages and pedicures? Check. A tour of the city in a private horse-drawn carriage to take you off your pedicured feet? Check.

And of course, silver afternoon tea to wind down your day. Forget feeling like a princess, you’ll be treated like a queen.

Click here to see the latest prices for Ballastone Inn.


7. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe New Mexico

For the artsy mama’s looking to immerse themselves in art and architecture, look no further than Sante Fe. Nestled in between the Sangre de Cristo mountains, the alternative and eclectic city are drenched in art galleries and museums. Simply walking around and admiring the unique Adobe architecture is a day well spent.

I think you’ve figured out by now that babymoons are all about the spas. When else can you justify endless massages and sauna sessions? Visit Eldorado Hotel and Spa for an authentic Santa Fe babymoon. It’s a couple of minutes walk from the plaza, doable even at a waddle. And it’s got the best brunch in town.

Click here to see the latest prices for Eldorado Hotel and Spa.


8. Vail, Colorado

Vail, Colorado

A babymoon vacation in Vail will have you feeling like you landed in an alpine ski village somewhere in Europe. The quaint streets and Colorado peaks create a postcard-perfect destination with a serene ambiance.

This gem of Colorado used to be difficult to reach but nowadays there are a ton of direct flights, so you can check ease of travel off your checklist.

The Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa offers a full alpine experience. In the heart of Vail Village, the lodge encapsulates the rich mountain atmosphere and has spared no luxury for guests. The fully-equipped wellness center is ideal for soaking and relaxing all day – guilt-free!

Click here to see the latest prices for the Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa.


9. Newport, Oregon

Yaquina Head Lighthouse Newport Oregon USA

Newport is in an unbelievable location on the pacific ocean, with a background of the Coast Mountains and Yaquina Bay. The natural beauty is jaw-dropping and the views and fresh seafood are plentiful.

Strolling the long beaches and breathing in the fresh sea air while taking in the panoramic views is enough reason to make this your babymoon destination.

For a full pre-baby pamper experience, Ocean House Bed and Breakfast's babymoon package has thought of all the little things. It really focuses on upping the romance for you and your partner with S'mores and bonfires on the beach and a gourmet Northwest picnic.

Each room is tastefully decorated with sweeping views of the ocean. You’ll probably struggle to find reasons to leave the building!

10. Asheville, North Carolina

Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville North Carolina

Infamous for beer and adventure sports, Asheville probably doesn't make most people's babymoon lists. But if it's a little bit of pre-baby exploration that you seek, then it should be on your list.

There are a number of well-maintained and leisurely hiking trails for outdoor lovers. And Asheville food tours for the would-be pub crawlers turned parents. Of course, it helps that Asheville is a spa mecca, with unlimited pamper options.

Maybe a spa on-site and beautiful grounds is more your style, so you can roll into bed right after your massage. A babymoon stay at the Omni Grove Park Inn includes stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and a tranquil babymoon getaway.

Click here for the latest prices for the Omni Grove Park Inn


11. Southern Utah

Southern Utah Bryce Canyon

Ever imagined snow-capped mountains and deserts in the same place? Well, this dreamy destination is none other than Southern Utah, perfect for a whimsical babymoon. 

We recommend staying at Bluff Dwellings Resort and Spa, as it boasts a private yet grand location surrounded by hundred-million-year-old sandstone cliffs. Despite the historic location, the resort is brimming with luxurious amenities for you and your loved one to enjoy. You could even get a soothing full-body massage or glow treatment at the spa.

The fact that most tourist spots like the Zion National Park, the Bryce Canyon, and the Antelope Canyon are conveniently close to one another is the cherry on the top!

12. New York City

New York City

It is no surprise that the city of dreams has a lot in store for to-be parents out there. Whether you want to splurge on yourself one last time before the baby pops or reminisce about the good old days in the lap of nature- NYC has it all!

You could visit the swanky Saratoga Springs with tons of fine dining and drinking options, perfect for adult travelers. Or, if you’re more into the rustic charm of small towns, head to Sharon Springs for a stroll through narrow roads and dig into freshly-baked treats from the neighborhood cafe. 

Or, you and your partner could explore the Hip City of Buffalo by joining a day tour or heading off aimlessly to anywhere that smells great. After all, the city is known as a foodie destination, so you can’t leave without grabbing a hearty meal! 

However, we do suggest choosing just one or two main neighborhoods in NYC and taking advantage of Uber services whenever you can. 

13. San Diego

San Diego USA

If sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters sound like the perfect holiday, don’t think twice before heading to San Diego for your babymoon. The sunsets here are especially relaxing, even with the sea lions barking in the background!

The days are mostly sunny here so the chances of unsuccessful plans due to bad weather is close to none. Also known as America’s “finest city,” you could either enjoy a cultural event at the World Beat Center or check out some red pandas at the San Diego zoo.

We also recommend the Japanese Friendship Garden Tea Pavilion to witness sukiya-style Japanese architecture while slurping some udon noodles!

14. Florida Keys

Florida Keys

Here’s another tropical destination for those who can’t get enough of the sun and sand! However, what sets it apart is that it is one of the few dark skies locations in the state. So, it is perfect for you to gaze at the twinkling stars with your partner. What can be more romantic than that?

We do recommend doing your research for places to stay, though, as resort fees are quite steep in the Keys. It is added over the room rate, so if that’s an issue, ask the staff clearly before booking. 

Apart from that, you can head to Atlantic’s Edge or Mia Cucina for some fancy dining.

15. Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head

Last but not least, Hilton Head Island is another relaxing holiday spot for those who wouldn’t want a hectic itinerary. You could book a resort near the ocean to wake up to the sound of waves and enjoy a long breakfast by the beach. Although the weather is usually sunny, there could be occasional dark clouds that contrast with the setting sun, making the scene even more stunning.

Moreover, we recommend visiting Harbour Town for its clothing and home decor shops, bakeries, and the Harbour Town Lighthouse.

The Sea Pines Forest Preserve is another must-visit spot, especially if you like walking through floral trails, horseback riding, fishing, and more. However, make sure you consult with your doctor before indulging in physically-demanding activities. 

Your Babymoon Vacation is Waiting

We’ve covered the nature retreats and the charming towns perfect for your babymoon. All that’s left is for you and your bump (and your tag-along of choice) to choose the best fit for you.

Focus on finding a spot that is going to suit your relaxation needs. Choose a hotel that is going to take care of you, and have a guilt-free time eating your way through your babymoon. With a couple of massages, of course. Soon you’ll be scouting out the best places to travel with a baby.

Tip: Check out our safe places to travel while pregnant (worldwide destinations).

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15 Best Babymoon Destinations USA

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