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We all wish that travel could be more affordable!  Even more so, when you are travelling with your family.  Money spent on flights, accommodation, food and not even to mention entertainment can add up very quickly!  We want to show you that affordable family travel is achievable, and we have enlisted the help of other family travel bloggers to share their proven tips and tricks on how you can enjoy your next family holiday at a more affordable rate.  For our eighth family interview, we welcome  Christine from Adventure, baby!  She loves writing about tips on both local and international travel.  Christine shares with us, her secrets as to how her family manages to afford to live a travel lifestyle.

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1. Can you briefly introduce yourself, your family and your blog?

I'm Christine, and I live in Sydney, Australia, with my husband and almost five-year-old daughter. My blog is called Adventure, baby! and it's where I write about tips on local and international travel. We love going on adventures, be it to a far off country or just a new park around the corner, it's all in your attitude.  christineknight-1-2

2. Why is family travel important to you?

I think it's more accurate to say that travel is important to me, and, since I have a husband and child, we travel as a family. I grew up with a love of travel thanks to my parents, who took me travelling as child around the world!  So it seems only natural that I would continue to travel with my husband, and now with our daughter, too. Travel is an essential part of life for us. We want to see as much of the world as we can.


3. How many times per year does your family get to go on a holiday?  Are these domestic holidays or international?

We travel overseas once or twice a year at the moment, and interstate two or three times. The rest of the year we explore our local area.



4. How does your family afford to travel?

The old fashion way, by saving up! We also try to book flights and accommodation on sale and avoid travelling in peak times.   christineknight-3-3

5. Do you have any tips for how you keep your daughter entertained on international flights?

We put lots of new games and shows on our iPad mini and always take her kid-sized headphones so the noise doesn't annoy everyone around us. I also take lots of small, light sticker and activity books.

6. Do you have any tips in regards to saving money in the planning stage of the holiday?

Watch out for sales, particularly airfare sales, and plan your trip around that. I also plan to visit destinations in the shoulder seasons where possible to avoid peak prices and crowds. Most hotels have great deals in the off season so we can generally stay somewhere nicer for the same cost.   DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR0407.


7. How do you prepare your children for a new country?

We read books to my daughter about where we are heading, look up videos on YouTube or pictures on Google to show her what we are going to see and do.   christineknight-1-4


8. What is the one item your kids need to travel with?

My daughter is especially attached to a soft toy doll she's had since she was born and we can't go anywhere without it. “Dolly” has travelled around the world many times.


9. Do you have any tips in regards to saving money whilst on the holiday?

We try to stay in accommodation with a kitchen so we can make our own food since eating out is a huge expense. Even if all we have is a fridge we can make it work by buying breakfast and basic food from a supermarket and having at least one meal at the hotel instead of a restaurant. We also will have picnic lunches in parks with bread and cheese, and ask hotel staff where the locals dine to find reasonably priced, delicious eateries. With activities, it's usually a matter of researching “free activities for kids” in each destination. It can be a bit of extra work, but it's fairly easy to find information on things like museums where kids get free entry, or galleries that have one free day a week, for example. Parks are always a hit and usually free, too.   christineknight-2-6

10. Many people are bit sceptical of travelling with children.  What is your best advice to make a family holiday a success?

Be prepared for the worst, and it will never happen. We always have travel insurance, a giant medical kit, stick to safe areas and plan our trips very thoroughly. It's easier to put the work in in advance and then enjoy the fruits of your labour, particularly when young children are involved.




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Christine Knight is a Sydney-based writer. You can find her family travel tips on her website Adventure, Baby!







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