8 Practical Tips to Prepare for the New Normal Traveling


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The year 2020 has been anything but normal. Travel plans have been postponed or canceled altogether. The travel industry has been shuttered and is only now beginning to pick up the pieces and find ways to rebuild itself.

Those itching to travel are concerned and hesitant to get back to their plans. We're all entering a new normal of traveling these days, and there's a lot to think about before heading out the door.

This new normal of traveling requires all of us to step back and reassess what we need to do to properly prepare for that next trip. Here are eight practical tips to help you on your way.


8 Practical Tips to Get You Ready for the New Normal Traveling

Check out our eight tips that might help you get ready for your next trip in the new normal way of traveling:

1. Select Travel Destinations Wisely

Research what travel restrictions and health protocols are currently in place for the destination you are considering.

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Also, choose a destination that is in close proximity to family or friends in case you find yourself marooned there for any amount of time. Travel restrictions and even shutdowns could occur suddenly, preventing you from leaving right away.


2. Plan for Flexibility

The new normal of traveling requires you to look for flexible travel plans that offer at least a partial refund or no rescheduling fee if travel plans change due to circumstances out of your control.

You may also want to check into obtaining travel insurance as well.


3. Pack Your Own Portable Water Filter

You can also take additional precautions when it comes to your health. Drinking water from fountains or even from the tap in your hotel room can cause problems.

While there's always been a risk for contaminated water, particularly in certain parts of the world, the risk is even higher today. On your next travels, be sure to take along a portable water filter to help protect you from contaminants of all types.


4. Avoid Crowded Locales

While you can't always avoid crowded areas, you can plan your trip to provide the least amount of exposure to crowds as possible.

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One way to accomplish this is to consider outdoor activities to explore at your chosen destination. Perhaps you've always wanted to take up nature photography. Design your travel around pursuing that goal.


5. Pack Plenty of Hand Sanitizer and Masks

While supplies are being restocked, don't count on being able to find hand sanitizer at your chosen travel destination.

Take along with you a plentiful supply and keep track of it throughout your trip. Know how to make your own hand sanitizer in case you find yourself running low and unable to find extra bottles anywhere.

Also include several masks in your bag. Many places require that you wear a mask, so be prepared.


6. Use Contactless Payment Apps

Today it is easier than ever to avoid using cash and instead use debit and credit cards or one of the popular contactless payment apps. These will be even more beneficial in the days ahead and in your new normal traveling.

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Get up to date on the available contactless payment options and avoid financial transactions with others as much as possible.


7. Take Along Your Own Cleaning Supplies

Staying conscious of your surroundings will be important in the new normal as well. Take along your own antibacterial wipes to wipe down your airplane seat's armrests and tray tables. Keep them on hand whenever using public restrooms.

Anywhere you go these days requires you to stay aware of what's in front of you. Find ways to take precautions to protect your health and also that of your travel companions.


8. Have an Acceptance Mindset

Your mindset will play an even bigger role in your travels in the days and months ahead. Develop an acceptance mindset of current circumstances, but remain confident in your own abilities and preparations.

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Practice safe measures to protect your health, like the ones on this list, and also find joy in your travels. Adjusting to this new normal takes time, but with the right mindset, it can be done.


Final Words

While traveling has always had its challenges, the new normal has taken those challenges to a new level.

Being prepared as best you can allow you to continue to travel in confidence, with acceptance and awareness of the way things are now.

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